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  • Part 1

    If you can't give the whole of your attention to someone -- or anything, for that matter -- then you can't listen. If you can't listen, you can't possibly hear the whole story. And if you can't hear the whole story, then it's impossible to understand your role in its telling.

    Part 2

    There are no lazy hearts or minds in heaven. (12/6/17)

  • It's impossible to arrive at wholeness by seeking it one "peace" at a time. (12/3/17)

  • The more you imagine a problem, the more real it becomes. (12/1/17)

  • Part 1

    There is no such thing as "bad luck"... only our inability to see the Good that always lies hidden -- just out of sight -- in all life's unwanted moments.

    Part 2

    If you want to see how you attract "bad luck" into your life, then learn to look at the negative conditions you unconsciously help create, and then -- inevitably -- "draw" to your door... each and every time you allow yourself to be defined by some dark reaction that comes to claim your day. (11/29/17)

  • Part 1

    The undeniable evidence of our physical experience on this earth proves there's nothing we can win in this world that has the power to free us from fear... to answer our innermost need to be free; which, in turn, proves that one of the reasons for these hollow experiences... must be divinely designed to lead us to this same spiritual realization.

    Part 2

    "Many are called"... but, here's what almost no one understands: to be one of the "few who are chosen" requires that we actually answer that call. (11/26/17)

  • By intention do we explore; by departure do we arrive. But... only by surrendering all that we find along the Way do we claim the unknowable Highlands of ourselves that can be realized in no other way. (11/24/17)

  • In the end, all true knowledge -- including the Timeless gifts it grants -- is self-knowledge; which means whatever the nature of our present set of limitations -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and ultimately, spiritually -- it exists only as it does because of what we have yet to learn about ourselves. (11/22/17)

  • The more we realize our higher purpose in creation is to atone for the difference between "what is" with "what has been" -- by surrendering any part of us that stands in the way of this reconciliation -- the more we see this sacrifice as inseparable from the ineffable peace that comes with being in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right thing for the right reason. (11/19/17)

  • The first step toward learning to make fearless choices in life begins with abandoning the fearful chooser. (11/17/17)

  • Here's the real reason it's meaningless to oppose whatever opposes us, whatever the nature of that painful unwanted moment: there would be nothing for us to oppose in the unrelenting passage of time were it not for what we've become attached to during our passage through time. So that what we're really opposed to is how the passage of time reveals to us the parts of us that have outlived their time. (11/15/17)

  • No real consolation can come from our spiritual struggle unless we enter into it accompanied and strengthened by the following understanding: whatever self-sacrifice we're asked to make -- as the pre-requisite to transcend whatever pains us -- serves a higher purpose than can be known by the parts of us that we're asked to give up for that greater purpose; and to that Timeless End -- and for it alone -- do we agree to surrender ourselves to an understanding greater than our own. (11/12/17)

  • Learning to make use of everything that we are given in life is the only sure way to discover that nothing exists that is useless, including our own dark states. We must learn to use all that we are... if our hope is to realize that we have been given all by God. (11/10/17)

  • He who serves himself only serves less than nothing, because whatever he takes from the world to fill that hungry hole in his soul... only enlarges it. (11/8/17)

  • If simply being able to quote a great Truth -- or to effortlessly recite some telling scripture -- were the same as the sacrifice it calls for to embody that principle in the midst of a personally troubling moment, then parrots would be prophets, and hypocrites... the soldiers of God. (11/5/17)

  • Evil always justifies its choices and actions, regardless how dark that outcome. What is good never has to justify itself... because it never acts against itself. (11/3/17)

  • The vast majority of us go through life doing only what we have to in order to maintain a status quo; i.e., we do just enough to hold on to what we feel we need in order to get by. Our preferred path is the one that provides the greatest pleasure while offering us the least resistance. The unseen "reward" for identifying with this unconscious inclination -- the result of our refusal to struggle with the will of this lower nature -- is what most of us have become, most of the time: mediocre. (11/1/17)

  • Sitting in judgment of ourselves for being unable to enact the will of a greater Good is not proof that we possess this higher will; rather, such infidelity proves its absence. Only a steady awareness of our inconstancy can change our relationship with the will of a lower nature that "leads us into temptation"... that prompts us to "do the evil that we don't want to do." (10/29/17)

  • All forms of worldly expectation are heavenly, that is... until they inevitably roll over and reveal their unseen underbelly of disappointment, frustration, and other unseemly negative states. (10/27/17)

  • Every truth ever discovered -- each new light that will ever burn bright -- already exists in (our) consciousness. All we will ever know and share about love, humility, compassion, and sacrifice -- the secrets that will reveal and then resolve old sorrows -- awaits us within ourselves. Hidden in this Gift of gifts, in its timeless truth is both the seed of our perfection, as well as its promise. The wise seek this shelter; the foolish build their own. (10/25/17)

  • Part 1

    The great secret of getting ourselves "unstuck" -- of being empowered to leave behind us those problems that life seems to set before us -- is to understand that before we can learn to walk through whatever stands in our way, we must take the first step of learning to willingly enter into it.

    Part 2

    The importance of working to develop our attention is found in the appearance of a new kind of stillness that is realized only when, and as, the observer and the observed are seen as one (being). This revelation, and its attending realization is the timeless hub of a higher order of Self that witnesses everything changing around and within Itself, but that Itself... never changes. (10/22/17)