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“Thank you for your work, Guy. I have searched my whole life for spiritual insights... and finally someone who can make sense to me!”

— Lloyd Cooper, Fort Wayne, IN

“I would like to thank Mr. Finley and all of the staff at the Life of learning Foundation for all of the encouragememt, wisdom and caring you offer to others every day. It is impossible to explain in words how much For the Love of Life, books, tweets, etc. helped [get] me to a state of simple happiness. I am grateful.”

— Paula P

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“If you want to free your mind, lose your inhibitions and erase the fears that hold you back in life, fears that threaten to keep you shackled to a mundane existence, then you must read this book.”

— Darren G. Burton, author of Real Life Dramas

“I had the pleasure of being able to meet Guy Finley at a recent conference in Irvine, CA. His speech entitled, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: Find the Power to Never Feel Powerless Again, was fantastic. I have been to literally 100's of seminars, workshops and retreats over the last 35 years and this hour long speech was among the best that I have heard.”

— Greg Voisen, Founder,

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Judging Others

Question: How can I stop judging others?

Answer: Instead of trying to judge other people and make them into what you want, recognize by your experience that this doesn't work, and learn to change what you want. Nothing in the universe can prevent a man or a woman who wants to know Love, who wants to reach the next level, from reaching it, because the entire universe is set up for the purpose of you realizing your intention. The whole thing is designed for you to succeed at rising.

Instead of placing all of the "consideration" on the person outside of you, turn your attention around and place your awareness on yourself completely. Stand fast in the light of what you see about yourself before you turn that light on another person. Before you talk about the mote in that person's eye, take the beam out of your own. This is how you reach the next stage of relationship.

In the movie "Zorro," there's a swordsman's circle, and Zorro instructs his disciple: "You stay in your circle. Don't go outside that circle for any reason whatsoever, because if you'll stay in your circle, what you need will come to you, and then because you have remained in your circle, you will be able to deal with it on your terms." It's a spiritual metaphor. Not going outside your circle means staying in the space of your own life! You leave the other person's space alone. It's not your business! They can't learn the lesson their space provides them, the truth that's there if you are in their circle pushing on it! And not only that, the only reason you are in theirs is because you can't bear being alone in your own circle. Stay in the circle, don't go out, and you'll see that fantastic things happen. If you would learn to serve Truth first before you try to straighten out each other, then in the very attempt to do that, you would be given the Godly life that you are intended to have... but only when you serve Truth first.

How do you serve Truth first? By daring to intend this Truth, intend this Love, intend the understanding you have, and as you intend it, be willing to stay in that spot where you can't find who you are and you can't say who the other person is. Then Truth tells you everything, because you've placed yourself where it's possible for Truth to make the connection with you. This raises you instantaneously to the next level, to the Truth that always had been waiting for you inside of that experience in your relationships.

Question: Is it possible to pass judgment on someone and still be an "aware" person? It seems like a pretty thin line between judgment and discernment!

Answer: You look at a person and rush to judge them. There's pain there and all you can see is the other person as the cause of the conflict you feel. The truth is, all you stand in judgment of is the image of that person you have unconsciously formed in yourself. The right way to interact with others is to be aware of one another. Only such awareness allows us to see without judging. You can't judge someone that you are consciously aware of. If you're aware of them, you are present to their hidden inner state, and if you're present like that, you don't want to do anything to add to their pain.

(Live Classroom Talk 04/04/01)

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