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Notes from grateful readers.

“Guy Finley has helped me to help myself and I am so glad I found him and his website. If I could have back all the wasted money I have spent on the mystic, voodoo magician, healer, ancient Indian dances, eating cabbage buried in the ground, talking to people who can communicate with people in my past.

I think I have been with all the clowns that are not in the circus and boy are they pricey.”

— Suzanne O'Hearn, Gretna, NE

“I have just finished reading The Secret of Letting Go and I plan to read it again and make notes to study. I can't thank you enough for your golden words. They have come to me at the perfect time in my journey to finding my true self. No longer am I making choices unconsciously.”

— Julie B.

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley is the compass always pointing the way to your authentic and best inner life. Follow his true direction.”

— Greg Willson,

“It is impossible to convey the wisdom, depth and magnitude of Guy Finley's new project, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred. Ultimately all healing, within us, between us and others and the planet, is about reconnection with the Divine. We are all on the same journey home to our true self. This masterful new work gives hope to a deeply divided planet.”

— Stephen Daniel, Ph.D., FPPR, Founder of

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Question: So many people speak today of the idea of self-development and the idea of "working" upon themselves. What does it mean to develop the "self"? Is this really possible to do?

Answer: True spiritual self-development does not mean struggling to improve the "self" but rather to transcend its limited levels through self-observation. The task is not to "become" something new, but to see through the parts of ourselves that stand between us and the New Life that already exists within us as unrealized spiritual potential. It might be better said that "self-development" is the stretch of country we walk between the old world of "what we have been" and the new world we enter into when realizing the Still Secret Self within.

Excerpted from Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom

Question: I've been praying for help, and have received none. Part of the problem is I don't even know what kind of help I want. How can I ask for something I myself don't understand?

Answer: I know it seems difficult to understand sometimes, but the Truth works in strange ways. We often find what we're really looking for when we least expect to find it... or when we've just given up hope of ever finding anything at all. That's why we must persist. We must keep our wish alive to be a different, Higher kind of individual. The Universe hears our silent, heartfelt wishes to be new -- to know something higher -- and if we'll be true to that wish, the Truth will find a way to grant it.

Excerpted from The Intimate Enemy

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