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Notes from grateful readers.

“You have written an immensely enlightening book which touches the heart and soul of everyone who reads it. An excellent work of profound insight.”

— Jeremiah T., Hong Kong

“The words of wisdom and the passion felt listening to Guy Finley go straight to the core. Initially that passion felt somewhat overwhelming. I'm deeply moved often with tears and say thank you for the richness of the message. In my journey to live in peace in the light, at one with myself and life, more than twenty nine years of inner and outer exploration, Guy is now one of my precious mentors.”

— Pauline T., Isumi-shi Chiba-ken, Japan

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“Wise, insightful, full of wisdom. This book can soothe the soul and allow healing into a hurting heart. Powerful.”

— Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“One of the wonderful benefits in Guy Finley's new book, The Secret of Your Immortal Self, is that the reader feels more confident, secure and comforted. ”

— Jordan Rich, Chart Productions, Inc, and host on WBZ Radio, Boston

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The Measure of a Soul's Success

Key Lesson: Things go wrong in life. They just do. And sometimes downturns feel like they'll never get back to right-side up. Life is like that. So what! What we have been given is not what makes us who we are: the true measure of our soul's success is what we make with what we are given.

Take the Steps to the Stressless Life

Our experience of life is intimately connected to the way in which we view it, and this view changes from moment to moment depending upon what we are relating to within ourselves in each moment.

When we see only our own ideas about why we're feeling stressed, and they're telling us how we're entitled to be miserable, misery makes up the circle of our lives. But when we actually see, within ourselves, that misery loves company, and that we've become its closest friend, we're well on our way to making a New and True Friend -- to establishing a new relationship with Life based in a new reality that will not only give us a whole new experience of life, but if this new friendship is made fast, we'll come upon a whole New Self within ourselves that never feels despair or defeat.

Who is this powerful New Friend? The Light of our New Understanding whose glimpse into the actual nature of any stressful state is the same as its dismissal. How can this little bit of Light dismiss what may be a lifetime of living in the dark?

As the light of your new self-understanding expands, you will discover how stress is created and how, up until now, its been able to keep you its captive. And as this new awareness dawns within you, with each successive gleaning, you will repeatedly, increasingly, see for yourself, within yourself, the evidence of another Reality; of another world within you that's outside the circle of stress you've come to think of as being yourself.

Any time we are awake inwardly enough, we can choose to consciously direct this awareness. We can hold it where and upon what we wish, which, in turn, can help us to change what we take as being real.

So when we perceive ourselves as being a captive in some circle of stressful thoughts, we can deliberately bring into our consciousness -- in that same moment -- the awareness of something outside this circle. And if we'll hold our awareness there, take a deep breath, and just let go of whatever thoughts may have been defining our sense of self the moment before, we instantly exit our formerly stressed-out self and the thought-produced reality responsible for it. In what can be only an instant of inner work we then find ourselves standing in a new world untouched by stress.

Learn to look at all difficult moments as opportunities to come awake to yourself and a place from which you can practice stepping outside of the attending circle of stressful thoughts. In this way, work for yourself and upon yourself. Do your part and be assured: that Great Day of days will come when your developing awareness will forever shift from the unwanted world of your stressful life to the world of Inner Light. Within its Incorruptible Reality awaits that safe haven on earth wherein full and final freedom from stress is already yours.

This article is excerpted from 5 Steps to Complete Freedom from Stress (pages 43-45.).

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