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Notes from grateful readers.

“Hi Guy. You're helping me a lot with my life. I thank the Lord I found you. I've been reading one of your books thousand times and I still find answers. I send you a big hug from Argentina my dear friend. ”

— Juan L.

“Hi - I have just begun reading your book, The Secret of Letting Go and I must say I am very excited and looking forward to devouring it. Thanks for the help I have already gained and that which I know will come about as a result of reading the rest of your book.”

— Laura R.

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“Each saying in Guy Finley's little book on Letting Go is like an arrow of light directed at the heart. If you let it in, it will do its perfect work.”

— Joseph Polansky, editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

“Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self teaches us how to uproot the false beliefs underlying our fear, anger, uncertainty, and self-doubt and how we may access the inherent joy, equanimity, wisdom, and creativity of our Authentic Self.”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith

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The Bright Side of Uncertainty

Key Lesson: Uncertainty is unwanted because it feels so unpleasant each time it appears in our lives. But, can we be awake enough to see its positively bright side? For as surely as darkness must come before the break of a new day, so it's true: before the new light of higher understanding can have its gentle dawn in us -- we must see that we have come to the end of what we know.

Giving Yourself Up Is Lifting Yourself Up

The gradual realization that you need never again try to find yourself in your thoughts about yourself is like one day happily realizing that hitting yourself over the head was the cause and not the cure for your daily headaches. To your grateful amazement, you discover that the inner-pounding you so wished would go away finally came to a stop when you stopped pounding. This startling realization brings you to a crucial moment in your quest for self-newness. And you must be resolute. As you begin to suspend your habitual involvement with yourself -- which you know you must do in order to let something new happen -- you begin to notice an altogether different kind of disturbing feeling starting to rise up within you. You would never have believed it, but there it is right in front of your inner-eyes. You are actually beginning to worry about what is going to happen to you without your worry. Nothing doing! You instantly catch and drop this fake feeling along with the rest of the inner-impostors. They want you to believe that there might not be life without suffering. And yet, even with all of this clear to your inner-eyes, you are still tempted for a moment to drop your inner-vigilance. Anything seems better than this increasing self-uncertainty. Don't mistake these feelings of fear for friends. Listen instead to what the Truth is trying to tell you.

Have no concern whatsoever over where these feelings of unknowing will lead you. The seemingly intelligent self-concern over your rising feelings of vulnerability is nothing but another false identity. Suspend it as well. Deny its re-entrance into your life. This total suspension of self allows the present moment to flood in unfiltered and uncolored. Something genuinely new is happening and you know it. This newness is your true home. Within it you are safe and out of the reach and grip of familiar but fierce self-creating thoughts and feelings. Persist with this higher kind of self-suspension for as long as it takes until slowly, but surely, you feel the weighted drag of your habitual self less and less. As you grow lighter in spirit, you will see that this Newness you have fought for is who you really are. Here lies your True Nature. It was there all along -- like the strong, unshakable shelter of a deep mountainside cave that you were at first afraid to enter when caught off guard by a fierce storm. To your everlasting delight, you find within this special kind of newness true refuge. In its strength yours is renewed. All is well. The storms can no longer reach you.

Here is a special exercise that can help you to start letting go of yourself. Every time you catch yourself just about to take a swim in the old habitual river of thoughts and feelings, practice self-suspension. Here's how. Don't let the current of the past dictate the direction of the present moment. Have your own life right now. You are not your thoughts and feelings. Dare to live without each painful identity that calls for you to embrace it and to do its bidding. Let something new happen each moment by letting these old, habitual sensations go their way unobstructed. Stay out of them. Work at this special self-suspension and inner-alertness until the day you find this newness you once had to struggle to endure is now something you could not endure living without!

This article is excerpted from The Secret of Letting Go (pages 126-127.).

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