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The World Can't Change Until We Do

Key Lesson: Our every action is a prayer, for our deeds are seeds and by them we plant the world we will walk through tomorrow.

The Power to End Self-Defeating Patterns

It is a Law, not of man's or of woman's, but of life: Before you can have a different life -- before you can be happier, wiser, more at peace, and in quiet command of yourself -- you must first be different. Being is everything.

What is Being?

A moment's consideration helps determine that everything around us has some form of Being. Why is this true? Because all physical forms -- whether animated or not -- are expressions of that one great life whose vast intelligent and creative energies are the foundation of all we perceive. So we can reason that even a common rock has being of a sort. Similarly, all manner of beings -- from rocks to roses, to you and I (all unique expressions of this one great energy) -- possess a nature.

What gives something its nature?

The nature of a rock is determined entirely by the natural forces acting upon it. This means its Being is without any choice; which further means that both the rock's nature -- and its destiny -- are, in fact, predetermined. One day it will be dust. The gradual disintegration is part of the nature of all things physical.

And neither does the rose, dressed so delicately in its fragrant velveteen petals, have a choice as to its nature. An individual rose can't choose not to have thorns or attract bees. Like the rock next to which it grows, the nature of any rose is a fixed expression of its Being.

But human nature -- your nature -- is not fixed. It can be transformed.

This amazing quality, the inherent potential mutability of our nature, is what sets us above all God's countless other creations. And this fact about our unique nature also empowers us in a very special way. As a feature of our Being, each of us is created with the power to choose the course of our own destiny. Let's see how this is possible.

Your Being is in a constant process of unfolding. That it will unfold is not your choice. Being is a gift that came with birth. It is. And while Being is both the creator and cosmic animator of your individual story, how your life unfolds -- the direction it takes -- is something you can influence. It's called making choices. And being empowered to have a real voice in your life choices is what this book is all about. See if the following doesn't make perfect sense.

Before you can change the course of and learn to design your own destiny, you must first gain access to that secret place within yourself where your own future is being created moment by moment by moment. Yes, there is such a location. It's real. And yes, you can learn to dwell there and direct your destiny.

This truly timeless place, where all of your life choices are made for you, is what we understand, in concept, as the present moment. But this state of true now is not just an idea. It's a place of extraordinary and measureless power, for the true present moment is actually a cosmic seed of a sort, from out of which springs all that comes later. And this point brings us to one of our key lessons.

Your awareness of the present moment, which is a secret part of your True Being, doesn't have to think about which action is best for you. It knows because it sees. Where your usual nature is often blinded by its own unseen self interests, your Being, represented in the moment by your awareness of it, effortlessly sees into -- and through -- this unconsciously compromised thinking even as it's occurring.

The presence of this Higher Intelligence keeps you from defeating yourself. And this is the same as making you newly victorious! For each time you have the awareness not to choose from that bank of old patterns produced by your limited thought nature, new and higher alternatives appear before your inner eyes. These moments, and their messages, rise to greet you from your True Being. And with these directions as your guide, designing your own destiny is as effortless as you are now confident -- for how can you not succeed when Reality itself points your way!

This article is excerpted from Design Your Destiny (pages 11-13.).

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