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Start Working to Give Yourself What You Really Want

Key Lesson: Nothing we spend our lives struggling to take from this world has the power to grant us the one thing we long to possess above all else: our own true nature.

Let Love Be Your Life

What is immortal? It isn't a person's face or a passage of music. It is not the things themselves, but it is that which produces those things. It is the actual genesis of God's love. We don't have to look for this love. It's the very core of us. But until we give our lives to the awareness of this never-ending genesis of love taking place within us, we have only facsimiles of love. We don't have that which is true and real.

We want in our heart of hearts to have something that is eternal. We touch something within ourselves -- through each other -- that introduces us to a love that we know is true and even eternal. But then the object that produces this sense of ourselves changes. When it changes, we lose not only the sense of ourselves that we were so in love with, but now we're introduced to a whole series of feelings that we don't want at all, and so we turn on the one we loved.

We cannot know the whole of ourselves if we refuse parts of us because they are distasteful or inconvenient. We cannot know the genesis of love within ourselves, its activity and its fruits, if everything about us is always looking out and saying, "I don't want anything but pleasure, and anything that produces a disturbance inside of me, I'm going to keep away from me."

If we want a whole life, we must be whole human beings. A whole human being doesn't try to figure out why he or she feels what they do. A whole human being is what they are. We are not educated properly about what it means to be what we are, because we're filled with nonsensical ideas that who we are is a loving image proffered us by some ideology or icon that says, "This is what a loving person is."

We push away the genesis of love that is required for us to discover that which is immortal -- that which isn't afraid of what we're afraid of, that has no agenda concerning what anyone else is or does, or what they produce inside of us. Why? Because that love has its own life that isn't conditional, and it is never-endingly producing a new beginning.

Newness and love are immortal, without time, and you and I are given something by God that can participate in that -- not try to own it, not try to change the conditions that allow it, but to see that all such attempts to power our way through whatever it is, so we can keep something, has been for nothing. All of it has led us to a moment where life has shown us certain things, and when it shows us, we say, "I don't want to see it. I don't want to deal with that emptiness. I don't want to deal with that loneliness. I don't want to deal with that anger."

And so the heart is walled off from love, believing that it's actually keeping love in place, when all it's keeping in place is enmity. All it's keeping in place is something breeding inside of us that is ultimately going to destroy that which we were trying to keep anyway. We all know that. Love is meant to be a modifying, active, beautiful force in our lives -- not something we try to grab and apply in order to acquire something, but so that the whole of us is aware of it this very moment.

It is possible to never again worry how things will turn out, or anxiously wonder if someone "likes" us. It is possible to enter into a loving relationship with what is eternal. Then we are not searching for anything outside of ourselves anymore. We have at last become that for which we were searching.

Let me give you a way in which you can start to work toward possessing the true nature that we all long for. Any time you can be aware of yourself, in that instant, no matter what it is that you're being shown, you are being asked not to do anything with what you've been shown other than to let yourself see it fully. Let this awareness that God has given you come into what it is that is present inside of you. Why? So that it can do its genesis. So that change can take place.

Do you know that most of what disturbs us in our lives, we actually had a hand in creating through resistance (to some unwanted moment)... so that this unwanted state got "stopped" up in us? To see that is the beginning of releasing the nature that is consistently trying to control its environment as well as the people in it, and to begin the beautiful work of realizing that there's nothing that you're going to see, there's nothing that's going to pass in front of you, that isn't there for the purpose of introducing you to what you have yet to discover is true about yourself. So that eventually you will want the perpetual truth of yourself, which is what the genesis is consistently showing you -- not "you" the way you take yourself to be, but rather a completely different order of yourself that is never not being made in the image of love.

This article is excerpted from The Genesis of Love ("Relationship Magic: Finding Heaven on Earth").

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