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“I purchased Guy's book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and I can truly say it must be the best book on the market today. Guy has a way of saying something that really touches the heart, a sort of mystical way with words. It has helped me a lot and I refer to it regularly.”

— Susan W.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As I continue to listen to your messages I can't put into words how thankful I am to God for connecting me to your school of wisdom and website.”

— Leta C.

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“Coalesced from the sages and thinkers over a 5000 year period, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred, provides the basis for a new network of how "interacting activists" can work together on issues of interfaith unity to provide a positive future. Here is a look at how quantum mind and spirit can work together to build a global commons. Let us work together to engage the next quantum leap!”

— J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Founder and President of The Academy For Future Science, author of The Keys of Enoch®

“In The Secret of Your Immortal Self, Guy Finley masterfully reminds us how to start giving ourselves what we really want and guides us to receive the nudges and signals that are available to each of us at all times -- his insights allow us to expand into the powerful and unique expression we are each here to live.”

— Kristen Howe,

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Dare to Slow Down and See You've Been Suffering for Nothing

Key Lesson: No one agrees to rush (through life) who isn't first convinced of the "need for speed" by the whispered command of some pressing desire demanding that one race to find a solution for its suffering.

Put Yourself in Relationship with Goodness

When you know what it means to be in relationship with Goodness, you never feel bad. Unhappiness, anger, fear, anxiety -- negative states -- cannot make a home in you when you know what it means to be in relationship with what is Good.

If we understand this properly, it strips away all of the justification we have for being unpleasant. Our work is as simple as this: to see and to be what we are before we speak or act. If we were to see and be what we are when we're all caught up in anxiety, that would be the end of the anxiety. We couldn't be convinced to figure out what to do about the worry or to rush somewhere to bring an end to the anxiety.

Only when you see yourself at the same time that you see what you're looking at, do you see truly. Our true self is not a situation outside of us, where -- as we presently are -- we are moved by events that take place. Nor is our true self inside of us, where we are taken over and tyrannized by our own conditioned responses to life. Real self is a balanced position that allows us to appreciate and understand, all at once, that who we really are is that which sees our self at the same time that we're looking at whatever we're looking at.

Until we learn what it means to see ourselves as we're looking at someone or something, we are not seeing reality at all. Something in us is seeing an opposite -- something that it needs to see to be a friend or an enemy, to pursue or to flee.

As an example, when we are anxious, when there's a pressing desire, we don't see the fact that the state has occupied us and is trying to reconcile itself through what it pushes us to acquire. If we could look at something we want, and at the same moment we feel that pressing anxiety, the push to acquire it, we could use these same eyes for a mirror to be able to see the nature that wants to acquire, we would in that instant know that we are in relationship with something that is not right for us, that cares nothing for anyone or anything else, only to get what it wants. The discovery, the awareness of that, is the nullification of the anxiety.

This isn't something that you choose to do. You don't have to try to be good. Goodness itself produces it with the simultaneous glimpse of these opposites, which only your awareness can do.

Do the best you can to see yourself as you go through your day. The task is to first be aware of yourself, and be aware of others at the same time. This is practical, down to earth spiritual work, so that there is no mistaking the difference between wanting to feel good about where we are and what we have vs. being in the Goodness that is always where we are and allowing it to live our lives for us as we are there.

This article is excerpted from Liberate Your Self ("Step Into the Power of the Presence Moment").

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