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“I just watched the video for Guy's new book The Secret of Your Immortal Self -- what a wonderful message -- it took me to a higher place where I know truth lies waiting for us all.

My heart is opened a little more. Please know that all EVERYONE does there at the Foundation to help awaken humanity, for me, is inspiring and helps me to continue working as well.”

— Bonnie H., Englewood, CO

“I just discovered the book [The Essential Laws of] Fearless Living and started to read it. I'm currently on page 105 and it has already changed me. . . . I feel less AFRAID!!! I was just diagnosed with [a] chronic disease and have [been] going through the toughest time in my 35 years of life and let me tell you, this book is a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for giving hope!!”

— Eli F.

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“Read Guy Finley's Letting Go...Absorb its timeless wisdom and achieve true freedom.”

— Dr. Joe Rubino D.M.D., internationally acclaimed personal development trainer, success coach, best-selling author

“The problems that most people have in life are not from 'lack of power' but from the abuse/misuse of the power that they already have. Mr. Finley shows us how to nip this in the bud, by raising our altitude to the right level. This seemingly simple act transforms our minds and outer lives.”

— Joseph Polansky, editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

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Key Lesson: If we will do the right thing, in the right moment for the right reasons, there is no other possible outcome than for us to know Rightness. Such Rightness is its own reward; it is free of conflict because it is whole, and being whole it never seeks confirmation, which means it is fearless. These facts reveal that the path to True Happiness is not an up-hill road to be struggled over each day, but is a place found within our own heart. It is the path of willingness to see ourselves as we are; a new order of watchfulness dwelling within a Light-ness that is Rightness itself.

How to Make All of Life be Just For You

When you begin to be for God, for Truth, before you're for yourself, God, Truth, will begin to be there before you. This Supreme Nature will start to live inside of you and do something that you've never been able to do for yourself. Which is what? Give you the feeling that - at long last - everything is right within you because now the whole of you is for the right thing.

Let me shed some additional light on this new form of inner exercise and special prayer. Our minds are, for all intents and purposes completely undisciplined. What I mean by this isn't that we can't concentrate when needful, or that we are untrained in one skilled mental activity or another. Undisciplined refers to the fact that our minds do not belong to us. They belong to themselves. Our task is simply to see the truth of this strange psychic self-centeredness, and then to consciously put something else in the "mirror" so that when the mind goes through what it goes through, and our attention turns to look upon the screen of our thoughts, in that instant we will also see upon - or within it - some small prayer that helps awaken us to what it is that we really want to be for in that moment. Perhaps an illustration will help make things clearer.

A spy living in a hostile country once devised a secret way to communicate with his own headquarters. Anyone who knew the special deciphering code could easily read his hidden communication. Here's how it worked. The one receiving his report read the secret contents by pulling out of the message all its first and seventh letters. Running these letters together formed words, and in this way his report got through. For years this agent's unique message within a message alerted the allies of the enemy's plans. His efforts were later credited with helping to win the war.

Consciously placing a short prayer within your own thoughts, and working to keep it there, helps to keep you from seeing only the content of your usual thoughts. This short, repeated supplication works like a message within a message, only when you see it there, within your own thoughts, its presence reawakens you to remember that you want to remember something Higher.

We discussed a few of these small personal prayers in an earlier chapter, and again, the best prayer for you is the one with the most personal meaning. However, to refresh your memory, recall these suggested short phrases: "Be Thou my Life": "More of Thee Less of me": "Thou are my only." The purposeful placing of these or any heartfelt prayers upon the mirror of your mind - along with your intention to let their direction become your own - will turn your whole life around by helping you to be for what is genuinely for you. 

Let me make one last point. What is eating for? What are relationships for? And what about a career or money? Even holding the hand of someone you love? Are you sure? Won't you consider that there may be another purpose; something beyond our present conditioned beliefs that just mechanically accepts what these - and all other - aspects of our lives are for? And when - if - you'll consider this question, please add to it this one other important bit of understanding: you and I have already been for 10,000 things in this life, and none of the 10,000 things we've been for have really done one thing for us, except to give us the vain hope that maybe the next day being for something different will at last change us.

Begin today, this moment, to use your whole life - every moment of it - to be for something that is in reality for you. So that when you're eating, when you're walking, when you're talking, when you're doing whatever you're doing, you have your small unceasing prayer before you. Even if life starts to run away with you, keep your prayer running through you. Keep it right there on the mirror of your mind so that in the middle of any conversation or event you can look up and let it remind you of your wish to be for something Higher.

This article is excerpted from The Lost Secrets of Prayer.

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