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“Hello, I have just about finished the book The Secret of Letting Go. In such a short time it has changed my life. I have gotten a glimpse of living in true happiness and the more I practice what I have learned in this book the more I enjoy who I am.”

— Nancy F.

“Guy, just wanted to say that I've read a couple of your books recently and found them remarkable in the true essence of learning about oneself. I'd like to thank you so much for your fabulous writings ... what can I say to you but, "Bravo!" ”

— Victoria C., New York

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“Once again Guy Finley has created a work of brilliance -- the lessons when applied can free you from needless suffering and create a life of possibility and peace.”

— Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz, Authors, Onyx Webb

“Guy Finley is one of our greatest living teachers when it comes to dropping fear and claiming our authentic love and power.”

— Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Marketing Coach, Founder

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Invite Higher Self-Knowledge to Help Set You Free

Key Lesson: The better we understand the following correlation, the sooner we'll recognize and be willing to walk the upward path that leads to the end of unconscious suffering: the more negative we become over any unwanted condition, the less we understand about ourselves and, accordingly, our unseen role in the very condition we so eagerly resist.

Drop Painful Demands

In moments of challenge, the tendency is to resist the unwanted situation because of the pain that seems to appear with it. But the truth behind these moments is very different from our habitual perception and mechanical reaction to them.

No moment in and of itself causes our pain. The real source of our suffering is some unconscious demand that we've placed on life... and not what life seems to be denying us.

The pain of impatience, anxiety, or most any stressed state doesn't exist without some unseen level of ourselves secretly demanding that events unfold precisely as we've imagined them.

We can't change others -- or the purpose of any given moment as it unfolds -- but we can work to place one less demand upon both. Only in this action can we hope to find the freedom for which we seek, because the only thing that imprisons us, in the end, is our resistance to whatever runs against our deeply seated demands.

This article is excerpted from The Secret of Your Immortal Self (pages 104-105).

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