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Notes from grateful readers.

“Please tell Mr. Finley that his teaching is making a big contribution to the world, he's truly a God-given human being.”

— Zhen C.

“I write to give you a big thank you for the wonderful interview with Guy Finley. It was beautiful, intense, sincere, and totally heartfelt. It totally changed my energy -- it is like all my billions of atoms are vibrating at a higher frequency -- if that makes any sense! I am filled with gratitude for everything!”

— Anu B., Lucknow, India

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“Guy Finley not only empowers you to live the divinity within, he provides a step-by-step blueprint for becoming your immortal self. Your life begins now. Start reading.”

— Steve Olsher, New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do

“I can't think of a more critical time in our human history than now to nurture and amplify the still, small voice within each of us. The book The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred offers support and companionship, from Guy and from myriad other sources, for that very thing.”

— Kit Miller, Director, MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

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The Power of True Spiritual Possibility

We imagine the impossible for ourselves in order to temporarily look upon ourselves as doers of greatness and, when failing to achieve these imagined heights -- as must be the case with all things impossible -- then we are driven to embrace that self-pity and despair always attending the self not "good enough" to win the world it imagined.

But if we would work to do the possible, by conquering our own self-created, ego-centered imaginings, then would we discover that the Greatness to which we aspire lies not in the dream of doing something impossible, but in the Possibility we already are within what we are given to be in the moments of our tests and trials.

It is one of the great spiritual mysteries that there are times and aspects of self in and through which it is impossible to progress upward. But, even the smallest steps within what can be done in any given moment changes the fabric of time and self enough so that what was once impossible then becomes a possibility... But only when we're willing to challenge what we still imagine ourselves to be with what we're willing to work through to become.

And as to Life's Course,
Do hold this one thought:
We are made,
Each of us,
As much by what we will,
As by what we will not.

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