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Notes from grateful readers.

“On [the] recent prayer/final element [added] to [the] attention exercises? Just wish to say Thank You, I feel as if Guy has given the "Keys to the Kingdom." [...] Thank you all for sharing so intimately this wonderful journey we are on through the discussion groups. [...I] feel I know for sure now that there is something else within me that i that I have access to. Heaven!!!”

— Mary Holder, Horizon City, TX

“I just read The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and it was miraculous. I have spent my life searching for the path to myself. I found my way home. ”

— Robyn H.

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The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred by Guy Finley is a very wise book, filled with inspiration to help you dramatically improve your life. I highly recommend it. ”

— Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Healing the Hardware of the Soul

“A must-have book! Every page is filled with timeless wisdom presented in every day language that shows people, step by step, how to burst through the illusion of fear and be truly free.”

— Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c), founder, HealthyLife.Net

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10 Small Steps to Real Self-Knowledge

Volunteer for deliberate spiritual growth by daring to venture into the unknown. It may surprise you to discover that the circumstances necessary just for you, and for your continuing inner development are much closer than you think! For instance, start with the following "10 Small Steps to Real Self-Knowledge." Agree to step into these unknown moments and then step back... And watch how new confidence, unshakable courage, and higher intuition make their way into your life changing it... and you, forever.

You Venture Into the Unknown Each Time You Agree To:

  1. Be alone when you don't feel comfortable being with, or by, yourself.

  2. Stay quiet without any distractions of one kind or another.

  3. Get up in the morning when you wake up, even when there's "nothing to do."

  4. Leave the dining table while still feeling a little hungry.

  5. Refuse to run pleasing mental movies about a hoped-for brighter future when facing those boring reruns of your present life.

  6. Ask nothing of God but for Himself.

  7. Dare not to tell someone else how he or she failed to live up to your expectations.

  8. Leave at least 24 hours between your wish to correct someone who has angered you and that moment when you decide to confront him or her.

  9. Agree to assume more responsibility than you think it's possible for you to handle.

  10. Answer the moment the way you really want to... Without explaining to anyone why you answered it in the way that you did.

For additional spiritual benefit you're encouraged to work with the following exercise:

Each day, at a point and time designated by you, go on a one hour retreat with nothing. Find a place where you can be by yourself and meet the hour alone and unknown. Spend this personal time without bringing anything known into it with you. Just be you, whatever that brings with it. And it bears mentioning that you can't fail at this exercise. To attempt it is to venture into the unknown. If you'll do this much, the Truth will take care of the rest.

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