Free Yourself From the Circle of False Friends
Free Yourself From the Circle of False Friends
  • Posted: February 10, 2010
  • Duration: 15min 53sec
Talk Notes

How many of us sometimes entertain thoughts and feelings that get us into trouble? We have all found ourselves compromised by thoughts and feelings that hurt us, but the truth is that nothing has access to our heart or mind without us inviting it into our life. When negative states knock on our psychological door, we cannot get into bad relationships with them unless we go outside of ourselves to hang out with them.

We are full of the things that we keep company with. Presently we want to have something to blame for why we feel the way we do. What we really need to do is see that we feel the way we do because of the psychological "friends" that we keep around us.

We have a choice as to the order of the relationship that we have with the thoughts and feelings that knock on our door, but we need to be in our home... right now. We have to be in our bodies, aware of all the thoughts and feelings that come calling for us. Our first choice must be to remain aware of ourselves as opposed to running after something to define ourselves through.

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