Give Yourself to a Life Free of Fear
Give Yourself to a Life Free of Fear
  • Posted: October 4, 2010
  • Duration: 3min 21sec
Talk Notes

The reason that we do not give ourselves completely to whatever we are doing is because there is something in us that is afraid to do that. Like a governor on an engine that prohibits a vehicle from going past a certain speed, we have an internal governor that tells us that something terrible will happen to us if we dare to exceed the boundaries of what seems safe.

The truth is that something terrible is happening whenever something within us refuses to test the boundaries of our so-called safety. We are meant as human beings to be the fullest expression possible of whatever it is that we are doing at any given moment. Why? Because that is the only way we truly learn. What do we learn when we let fear dictate our actions? We learn what fear wants us to learn.

We must give ourselves to the moment and find out what it means to come to the very end of whatever it is that we are doing. It is only when we give ourselves completely that we discover that limitations are only temporary. When we meet a temporary limitation in ourselves from a mindset which says that we ought not meet this, then we turn what is temporary into something permanent, and we have only succeeded in limiting ourselves.

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