How to Have Good Luck Every Day of Your Life

Today is your lucky day. That's because today is the day when you can start learning how to make every day your lucky day. No exceptions. But what is a lucky day? It's not just winning the lottery. Or finding a parking space right in front of the store where you want to go shopping. Sure, those things are a kind of luck. But real luck is much deeper...

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How to Have Good Luck Every Day of Your Life
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Today is your lucky day.

That's because today is the day when you can start learning how to make every day your lucky day.

No exceptions.

But what is a lucky day?

It's not just winning the lottery. Or finding a parking space right in front of the store where you want to go shopping. Sure, those things are a kind of luck. But real luck is much deeper, much more supportive of the very core of your being than that.

A truly lucky day is one in which whatever happens to you would . . .

  • Be for your good

  • Increase your level of happiness

  • Always make your life better - never worse

  • Build your assurance in a benevolent and loving universe that wants you to succeed and is waiting to help you do it

Isn't that what we all want? With luck like that we'd never be afraid to face any challenge. Never feel unwanted or unloved. Never be concerned about the outcome of any event.

With that kind of luck, think of the confidence you'd have. The quiet optimism. The pleasure you'd feel each morning, waking up to a day that could only bring you good.

After all, what can go wrong when you're just so lucky?

But Now, Let's Be Honest...

How lucky do YOU feel?

How lucky do you feel when you spill your coffee on your new sweater? Or when you get a letter from the IRS? Or when your printer jams up?

When something's gone wrong for the tenth time in a day (or even just for the first time), or you look around at your life and nothing seems to be going right, have you ever felt as if, "I have to be the most unlucky person in the world!"

Or have you ever looked at certain other people who seem to live "charmed" lives, and wondered, "Why is she so lucky?" "Why does he get all the breaks?"

So what's going on? Why do some people seem to attract exactly what they need, while others seem to attract exactly what they don't want?

And more to the point of this letter, if you believe you fall into the second category of people, is that the way it has to be forever? Are you stuck where you are? Are you fated to live out an unhappy destiny?

Or is there something you can do to begin to change your luck?

That's why I'm writing you today - to let you know that you can change your luck. The fact is, nobody is supposed to suffer from bad luck. It's a heavenly law that human beings are created to have good luck. And that includes YOU!

Which means that with a little guidance you can start claiming your birthright of bountiful good luck and days filled with happiness and eager anticipation instead of heartache and dread.

Get the Guidance You Can Put to Use Immediately to Start Changing Your Luck

Self-realization author and teacher Guy Finley is a master at turning lives around. He has helped untold numbers of individuals see beyond their limitations, break through barriers, and start attracting experiences that gladden and elevate their hearts.

And now he's taken 40 years of his own spiritual work dedicated to capturing and wielding genuine good luck (not the phony kind of "luck" that brings a temporary gain that soon slips away) - and he's revealed all his greatest secrets in a powerful new 50-minute talk entitled How to Have Good Luck Every Day of Your Life.

Look, let's be realistic. Good luck doesn't come from carrying a rabbit's foot, crossing your fingers, or wishing upon a star.

I'm sorry to disillusion you if you've been hoping for some mysterious enchantment to improve your life.

But it's actually great news if you're serious about real transformation because the beautiful truth is you don't need anything outside of you to bring you good fortune. Real luck doesn't depend on anything magical outside of who you are. It's entirely within your power to finally become the lucky one. You already have everything you need to alter your destiny yourself - once you learn how to use it.

Good luck is something you can begin to develop for yourself, from yourself, once you acquire the right knowledge. And Guy Finley supplies the knowledge you need in How to Have Good Luck Every Day of Your Life.

Here you will be introduced to the secrets you can use to:

  • Understand the principles behind the creation of good luck and bad luck

  • Learn how to create conditions in your life that guarantee good luck

  • Put the great law of Synchronicity on your side

  • Stop making the big mistake that pushes your good luck away

  • Discover what you need to do to attract the luck you want

  • Get wise to why you should never complain about your bad luck

  • Realize why you need never accept bad fortune as your sealed fate

  • Become empowered to change your luck, once and for all

When you think you're a victim of bad luck, your anxiety, sense of helplessness, and anger at an unfair universe just grow. But the only real problem you have is that something in you has been blocking your good luck. When you learn to break through that inner barrier, the anxiety, helplessness, and anger drop away. You have a new purpose in life: to discover and stop doing what has been hurting you, and start experiencing the good luck the universe is actually bestowing upon you every moment.

Let Guy help you undergo this reversal to good fortune by listening to his explanation of what you've been doing wrong, and the clear path to right action that makes good luck your constant friend and protector through life.

A Fast-Moving Torrent of Information That Will Entertain You While it Gives You the Tools to Change Your Destiny

I want to especially note that How to Have Good Luck Every Day of Your Life is a particularly delightful talk by Guy. It's filled with humor, compelling examples, and celestial insight. Guy tells four remarkable stories that make the principles he reveals clear and easy to remember in the moment when you need them. You will learn:

  • How to get "bluebirds" to visit your inner garden

  • How to start getting the things you want from life instead of attracting what you don't want

  • The power in never quitting

  • How to get real help in the moment you need it

One of the highlights of the talk is when Guy tells a very personal story of lessons he learned from playing golf. He describes physical issues he has that interfere with playing the game as others do, and how he was able to turn his seemingly bad luck around so that he started attracting the help he needed to perfect his swing. Then he shows how any of us can take the deep principle he reveals to develop a new relationship with any limitation and gain the power to overcome it.

This talk is so encouraging, so practical, so inspiring, you will want to put its lessons to work right away.

I did!

Just one day after listening to the talk I found myself bemoaning my bad luck. A number of regular responsibilities I have that are usually spread out over a month all came due in the same weekend. It was the (bad) luck of the draw. Plus, I had a number of other jobs I also had to take care of . . . and the holidays were coming up! Instead of being able to relax and enjoy myself, I was working three times as hard trying to get everything done within my deadlines. The timing was so unlucky.

And then I remembered this talk and the special lessons revealed in it. I started applying this new understanding and - luckily enough - I suddenly found myself in a completely different relationship with all the things I had to do, and with my life in general.

And you know what? Things stopped being bad - and started being good. Nothing was the problem my mind had made it. Help came my way. Time seemed to expand. I had new energy and inspiration. And now I could see how lucky I really was. Having all those things to do, and the positive lessons I learned from it, actually turned out to be a much greater gift than I ever could have hoped for.

That's just a small example. But these same principles work with any unlucky aspect of your life: loneliness, anxiety, feeling lost or helpless - even dealing with illness. There are forces in the universe that are waiting to help us with all of this, and attracting their assistance is the essence of being lucky.

Stop Being Dogged By a Fate You Don't Want

Learn the Causes and the Cure for Bad Luck, and Watch Your Life Take on New Meaning and Happiness

You don't have to keep struggling against a world where it seems as though everything is against you. You can stop being the victim of bad luck. You can start making your own luck, and all of it will be good.

Once you start putting certain principles and practices to work in your own life, you'll realize that good luck has always been all around you. You just have to step into its world . . . and now you can learn how to do it.

The secrets you can use to truly turn your life around are waiting for you in How to Have Good Luck Every Day of Your Life.

Get your copy using the buttons above and start learning how to be lucky starting now, and forever.

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