Proof That Pain is Impersonal
Proof That Pain is Impersonal
  • Posted: January 17, 2008
  • Duration: 14min 34sec
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Change will never come through organizations nor through legislation. The more that people try to create peace, the less free they become. Peace existed before human beings unconsciously made it personal.

The present nature that we currently live from takes everything personally. The "personal" world is the world of myself, my desires, my opinions, my preferences. The "impersonal" world is the world of objective principles, of infinite, eternal laws. We are created to be able to have a relationship with both the personal and impersonal worlds.

Human beings are made in the image of the Divine. There actually does exist great, beautiful, intelligent, collaborative, cooperative forces. When we are stirred by these forces, as we are meant to be, our minds explain to us what they mean, and how we ought to react. This is our present nature taking these necessary stirrings personally, and building a self out of them. But these are not OUR forces. Human beings did not create them.

It is very natural to withdraw. It is very natural to go through emptiness. It is also natural to go through moments of activity and fullness. This movement from expansion to contraction, from fullness to emptiness, is a natural and necessary part of life.

Learn to stay awake. Get tired of trying to be someone. When we can stop saying "I" to everything that passes through us, then we will stop being pained every time conditions change.

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