The Fear of Emptiness is an Empty Power
The Fear of Emptiness is an Empty Power
  • Posted: October 23, 2020
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Key Lesson

Part 1

We cannot “make” things whole any more than the moon makes itself full by its own light. Rather our work is to serve as a witness to life’s ceaseless, concurrent appearance of fullness and emptiness and, by so doing, to unite (within us) the awareness of Timeless consciousness with the experience of its own creations living in time.

Part 2

To see that so much of the stress, sorrow, and regret that fills our life has its root in the mistaken choices we’ve made to avoid the feeling of being “empty,” is to start seeing the possibility of using that same fear to free ourselves from it!


The better we understand the unique power of being "passive" -- and how it serves as the secret consort of all things active -- the more we grow in the faith we need to be wisely passive toward whatever fears remain in us about letting go of our false self. This is why we should take time each day -- as often as possible -- to quietly return to the living Light that dwells in the center of ourselves.

By gathering our attention in this way, and bringing the whole of ourselves into the heart of this interior stillness, we not only collect our own forces, but much more: in this deliberate act of gathering ourselves -- and for the conscious sense of quiet contentment we find within it -- we are also being released from the false idea that the source of our strength and security can be found somewhere outside us.

The fear of seeing ourselves as being "nothing" in the world does not make us something; nor can this resistance protect us in any meaningful way. To the contrary: The only one who comes to know the lasting contentment of true spiritual fulfillment is that unique person who realizes that the fear of emptiness is itself an empty power.

If we will only dare give everything we are to whatever we may be doing at the moment - then, when that relationship reaches its natural end -- we will always find we have been given more than we had at the start. It is law: to be filled anew, we must be willing to empty ourselves of ourselves time and time again.

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