The Full Faith That Frees You
The Full Faith That Frees You
  • Posted: November 29, 2009
  • Duration: 3min 30sec
Talk Notes

It is sometimes confusing when a person hears the idea of having faith in the divine because the mind that hears the idea is still a divided mind. This is why it is often so challenging to talk about such ideas. As the mind sees it, there is "me" and something outside of myself that I am going to have faith in.

To have faith in what is true does not mean that you do not fully experience what you are going through. A parent knows that his or her child must go through certain natural and necessary experiences in order to introduce the child to his or her own character. The parent knows that these experiences, though often not easy, are productive. The child does not know the parent's understanding... yet.

Real faith is understanding that you are both child and parent, even when you are still just a child. You may have these worries, anxieties, and fears, but you understand that these states serve a purpose that is greater than the part of you that is resisting them. Faith is understanding that eventually you will see the good in these moments that you are currently afraid of, so that you can meet such moments with the awareness of the inherent possibilities, instead of being punished by resistance to the moment. Then the Good that already "is" has a chance to work on the fear that doesn't believe in anything other than itself.

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