Invite the Light to Liberate Your Life
Invite the Light to Liberate Your Life
  • Posted: November 5, 2008
  • Duration: 9min 48sec
Talk Notes

There exists a grand Intelligence that is ceaselessly trying to help us realize a way to bring an end to the dissatisfaction that sits in our hearts. Metaphorically speaking, we could call this the "Hand of God" touching our lives. And while all of us would say that we want this divine touch, the truth is that most human beings do not want it at all. The truth is that most of us would rather listen to our own minds tell us what we need to do in order to reconcile the dissatisfaction we feel.

The wish to have God in your life really does come from the very center of your soul. But it is not enough to merely wish for it. You must learn what it means to reach. The next time that you encounter a problem or a crisis, do not meet it with yourself. There is never a moment in which God's presence is not changing everything. But the mind that "knows" cannot enter this presence.

Wouldn't you like to be relieved of all responsibility toward reconciling your own life? Wouldn't you like all guilt over what you have been and done in the past to be washed away? The next time you encounter a worry, a fear, or any other confusing state, dare to enter into not knowing what to do. Then you will finally, in actuality, meet the self that does not want to be exposed as being the pretender that it is. As long as you turn to yourself for a solution, your solution will be the next suffering you encounter. Deliberately step back from the old, familiar circle of stormy thoughts and feelings, and let the beautiful, quiet, unassuming, unknowing moment prevail.


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