Letting Go into the Flow of Real Life
Letting Go into the Flow of Real Life
  • Posted: May 29, 2005
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Key Lesson

It is in our wanting "more" than the moment gives us to be that we not only sow the seeds of our own discontent but, for this same self-inflicted darkness, find ourselves blinded to a great truth that can help set us free: everything we need to succeed at being all that the Divine would have us be is already a presence in our soul.


Occasionally, for all of us, we accidentally enter into the Now. We could be skiing, skating, doing yoga, playing golf, and suddenly we are in something that our activity aligns us with... we are in the flow of that moment. We can even be in the flow of a conversation, and in that moment we are aware of something sustaining us. Physically we enter into the Now because that flow is part of the Now. Emotionally we can enter accidentally into the Now when we look out and see the sun breaking through the clouds or we catch the evening light as it shades trees differently. Intellectually, from time to time, we enter into the Now when we have an insight and an epiphany comes. We're walking along, and suddenly we have the feeling of understanding that came to us because at that moment everything integrated.

This Now, the real Now -- not the intellectual or the imagined one -- is a perfect integration. It is a dynamic mutual convergence of all the creative forces, and it is always stirring. At a certain point, if we've touched it at all or it has touched us, we want to begin to no longer have all this activity accidentally. We want to be able to live like that and know that kind of love, know that kind of insight. We want to be someone who is in the flow, and because of that is in direct relationship with everything else that is in the flow.

When Reality itself is your guide, your backbone, how can you go wrong? That convergence uses everything for itself. So the key is to move from this accidental divine discontent. The more these moments touch us when we see something that we didn't bring to ourselves but that we were visited by, the more we think to ourselves, "Who wants to drink Ripple when you can have a fine Chardonnay?" We want the nourishment of divine sustenance. We want to move from an accidental relationship with this Life to a deliberate one, which is what the idea of living Now is all about.

We are in that nature, this Truth, this Now, in the present moment. It is perfect connectivity, right now. That's the flow. We don't know we are in it because the nature we live from is apart from it, even though it is the source of life that sustains the thought nature itself. We live from a part of ourselves that by its intensity and by its proclivity -- and by the power that it has at present due to the condition of the world -- prohibits us from being in relationship with the Now, with being free to relate, express, or participate in a world that is greater than the little world of thought. What is extraordinary is that this higher world is more complete. It is more compassionate. It does not have stress and strain in it. It is a world in which, unseen, we live in; it is our interior world.

This interior life that we are supposed to have access to and live within is ostensibly kept from us because of this nature that we live from that wants to know what it is, what it's to do, how it's to do it -- at all costs, all the time -- and so we miss the truth that what we are from moment to moment is what determines our experience of the moment we are in. When we begin to understand that, the moments themselves become beautiful reflections, expressions of ourselves to ourselves. We learn to be present to ourselves. That is what the path is.

We want the path to lead to a proven place. Maybe I think the path is to become an enlightened man, or that I'm going to get all the money in the world that I want. Each person has different ideas about what the path leads to. That path doesn't lead to anything because it doesn't go anywhere. What is eternal doesn't go anywhere -- it just is. Our task is not to go someplace. It is to discover inside of ourselves a new order of being. That is where letting go comes in. Little by little we recognize that it is possible for us, instead of always trying to confirm ourselves by life and going through that process where we're always trying to figure out who we are, to begin to surrender ourselves to the action of this Light that lives inside of us that by our relationship with it through understanding, we are part of it, and it is good.

This goodness is the idea of "let the journey be the destination." Then I'm not going anywhere; I've discovered a new being. I've invited it into my life. I've become receptive, to whatever degree I'm capable of. Working in this way to learn, to let go, and to live in the Now, we cannot fail in our wish for God's life.

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