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Q&A - Shift in World Consciousness
Q&A - Shift in World Consciousness
  • Posted: April 1, 2007
  • Duration: 1min 58sec
Talk Notes

Question: A shift in consciousness is predicted and needed on our planet. What do you think this shift will be and what will it bring?

Answer: First of all, it is not a global shift. Even though there may be global instances and I'm not going to discount the possibility of that. The true shift is the shift in we as individuals. And the shift in individuals, unfortunately, at this point in time, is more by default than intention. And the default is recognizing with increasing clarity that we have taken ourselves to be somehow the rulers of this planet and approach everything about our purpose for being here as something we're meant to extract from this planet to fulfill our pleasures.

The shift takes place as an individual recognizes beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're not able to fulfill themselves through the path that they've been following. And then you look collectively and see what we're doing to our world, trying through consumption to find contentment -- it breaks down, the model has failed.

So the shift is a great dissatisfaction that must well up, we must become increasingly dissatisfied with our present answers. As we do that as individuals we'll start to see a collective action. I think then you'll see less conspicuous consumption, and individuals who start to understand the direct need, not because of an image or a sense of self produced out of it, but a need to take care of one another, to be sensitive to the needs of other human beings, because we recognize that that's where we have to participate if we want to fulfill the promise of ourselves.

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