Real Life is an Inner Journey
Real Life is an Inner Journey
  • Posted: June 25, 2012
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Key Lesson

Life is not happening to you, it unfolds as it does... for you.


Self-discovery -- and the new self-knowledge it generates -- has no limitations, no moment where there isn't the possibility for something higher to pierce the soul and so reveal that everything that once was is no more because something greater now stands there.

This means that there is no end to what is higher, to what is ever-above you; and that the ground of this immeasurable state of self awaits you within you. And as this discovery of discoveries dawns in you, in its light is revealed the greatest secret on earth: Life is its movement into you; and this movement of Life takes place within you. In other words, your real life is an inner journey.

As you begin to align yourself with Life's secret direction, your experiences in it, and of yourself, are transformed. Slowly, but surely, a whole -- and new -- kind of pleasure permeates what used to be even your most mundane moments. Boredom with life simply ceases to exist for you. You no longer worry about what you're supposed to be doing with your life because, at last, you begin to realize that Life already has plans just for you!

Believe me, there is no greater strength than knowing that everything life brings to you is for you as well. And as this wondrous fact grows clear to you, old enemies either vanish or they're transformed into your allies. Precious energies once wasted in futile self-defense are turned into new powers for further self-exploration. But this is really just the beginning.

By learning to cooperate with what Life wants for you -- which is to help you realize the new you that you've been seeking all along -- your victory over the intimate enemy is assured. The new you that emerges from the ground of this struggle within yourself is as different as the mighty open-limb oak is from its tightly shelled acorn seed. I know this to be true, and so will you.

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