Risk Doing What is True
Risk Doing What is True
  • Posted: October 19, 2015
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Key Lesson

We rarely see when we take the path of least resistance in life - that low road called "guaranteed to go nowhere" - because of how immediately we identify with the legion of thoughts and feelings that always appear in that same moment of our suffering to justify the "choices" we make to escape it.


So much of our daily direction seems to come out of default. It seems that when we really want to do -- or to be -- something truly new and different, we almost always wind up doing just the opposite. Instead of meeting the greater challenge, we find ourselves taking the path of least resistance. We blame someone or something for our condition or sadly resent ourselves for our own weakness.

With deliberate exercise you can discover how to become conscious of, and completely master, both the strong and subtle forces that actually determine your life choices. And since it is these life choices, your daily decisions, which ultimately decide your direction in life, becoming conscious of the invisible inner influences that determine these decisions will be the same as taking into your hands the reins of your own destiny.

Taking a conscious risk involves making a choice to do what's true, in spite of what that choice may cost you. On the other side of any conscious risk is the realization that who you really are has nothing to fear.

The following exercise is specialized instruction in how it's possible for you to start looking for your own moments where taking a conscious risk will lead you to a liberating self-discovery. Here's a helpful hint to get you started looking in the right inner direction.

In earlier times, prospectors searched for gold along riverbanks and in the exposed beds of mountain streams. Besides knowing how to look for the right geological formations, where it was likely gold nuggets lay hidden just under the sandy gravel, the best prospectors also had a special trick up their sleeve that helped shift the odds of finding gold in their favor.

As they walked along the water's edge, they placed themselves with the sun to their back and watched for a slight glint or golden flash in the sand. They knew from experience that where there were flakes of gold, there were also chunks. By following a similar approach in your search for inner gold, you can succeed in this exercise of taking conscious risks. Here's the parallel:

Watch yourself, all the time, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. Watch for that telltale flash of resistance, anger, frustration, anxiety, or fear. Then let your heightened inner awareness lead you to the prize of self-liberation.

Since your usual reaction to any negative emotion is to avoid the condition or person you think is responsible for that feared feeling, your new and higher action is to consciously go toward that flash. In other words, don't walk away from what you see as being the source of your negative state; instead, willingly walk toward it, trembling if you have to!

Risk It! The priceless inner gold of a fearless life is waiting there just for you.

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