Seek the Source of Self-Perfection
Seek the Source of Self-Perfection
  • Posted: July 27, 2008
  • Duration: 7min 10sec
Talk Notes

Living within you is the understanding that you are created for a single purpose. The single purpose is that you represent--as an individual--the possibility of perfection.

Why is it that we love music the way that we do? You probably have never thought of it before, but it is because you are a living tempo. The heartbeat of the Universe is what gives you your heartbeat. The perfect harmony of a piece of music introduces to you the harmony that is living as potential inside of you. As human beings, we are the possibility of reflecting the perfection of music.

The part of us that longs to reflect the perfection of music, also longs to understand the perfection of kindness, of patience, of love, of sacrifice, of strength. All of these noble qualities have been given to human beings as a possibility.

We live longing to somehow be that perfect reflection, even if it's just for a split second. Don't be afraid to long for the perfection that your heart of hearts longs for. Don't be afraid to see where you miss the mark, which you will do as a necessary requirement of recognizing the perfection. Strive in all things and at all times to remember that in the center of yourself exists something--higher than yourself--that is perfection itself.

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