Stop Feeling Empty
Stop Feeling Empty
  • Posted: June 8, 2015
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Key Lesson

Dyed-in-the-wool alcoholics don't care whether they get their next buzz from a $5 or $500 bottle of bourbon. In much the same way, our lower nature -- that loves and lives only for some kind of sensation -- drinks without discrimination from whatever "bottle" is at hand; it cares for one thing, and one thing only: that it might lose itself in yet another temporary titillation.


You wish and then rush to free yourself from fearful shadows but refuse to change the beliefs causing them, which is like jumping off the Ferris wheel onto the merry-go-round in the hopes of bringing an end to your dizziness.

Any attempt to bring an end to your sense of feeling empty serves only to strengthen the illusion of a false self that believes it can outrun its own imagined nothingness. Both illusions are filled with real enough terror, yet neither can be slain any more than a shadow can be put to death by a knife.

On the other hand, to allow emptiness its life -- whenever it may appear -- slays both the painful illusion of it as well as the false self that is so fearful of it. Then real Emptiness and her beautiful sister, Fullness, appear at the same time, revealing their timeless secret: they are celestial twins who are never apart from one another. They only seem to be separate from one another because each is so overwhelming to behold by herself that to look at just one blinds you to the existence of the other.

Within you -- only still sleeping -- lives a higher awareness that never fears the momentary appearance of any opposite within it.

Real love doesn't fear hatred any more than the sunlight worries over the shadows it helps to create. True strength is increased when a weakness it didn't know is revealed to it. To see and act upon these truths frees you from the fear of being empty or alone or in any other way unworthy of love.

The more you will step into the emptiness you fear, the sooner you will see that your immortal Self can never be empty any more than a sky without clouds is less than full.

Key Lesson

The divided mind has but one love, and that is to divide life in two; nothing is sweeter to this unconscious level of self than creating the sensation of feeling apart from all that it sees. In this way it always has something to do because it never stops reaching for what it imagines it needs to make itself feel whole.

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