Stop Following What Negative States Want
Stop Following What Negative States Want
  • Posted: July 16, 2020
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Key Lesson

The great misperception that secretly drives human conflict, with all of its fear, sorrow, hatred and pain, is that the meaning of life -- including its verifiable promise of perfect abundance -- is to be found somewhere outside of one's own heart and mind.


Negative states don't want to leave. They don't want to lead you to the end of a relationship with them. They want you to follow them so that they remain your guide, and essentially your god. That's what negative states want. So every time you're angry or frightened or worried and those thoughts and feelings are talking to you and you're listening to them and doing as they instruct, you are following darkness.

We learn to lead by leaving behind us that which we would follow.

When you meet the moment, when you don't look back or call on who or what you've been (the mistakes, the fears), when you meet the moment purely, cleanly, it is an act of clarity. It is an act of purity because there's no one there trying to justify or reconcile what it is that's taking place. There's just the impact of the moment upon you. That's what changes a person.

So, leaders are people who find liberty because they are the ones receiving the lessons directly from the life that wants them to change.

And now to bring it down to earth a little bit. Every last one of us, in God knows how many ways, have had the experience of sitting at home and a thought comes about what you did wrong twenty years ago, about how you hurt someone; a fear comes up about what's going to take place tomorrow. In that moment, you can choose not to be a follower. Assume the leadership position. And what is the leadership position? Everything is behind you.

Dare to be out there taking that first step into the moment where you presently fear you won't find what you need to be safe, secure, or strong.

The only way you'll know that safety, strength, security -- that these conditions pre-exist your entrance into them -- is by stepping off the cliff, by stepping into that moment where you're not following something but you're being what you can be. Then you'll start to see for yourself how wrong you've had it -- how wrong it's been in your mind ever since you were a child.

You can't fall down unless you're following something that's pulling you down.

You can learn to live a completely different kind of life, and oh, how fulfilling it is... but that's something you are going to have to find out.

You'll change the world of yourself and the world you live in as you learn what it means to choose, act, realize, release, and start over. Work with these actions, work with what you've come to understand from this talk, and then see if you don't see the world in a completely new way.

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