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I think I have been with all the clowns that are not in the circus and boy are they pricey.”

— Suzanne O'Hearn, Gretna, NE

“This [site has] some of the best life lesson learning you will ever find in language you can really understand. ”

— Dave W., Arcata, CA

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“This book is a treasure chest of perceptual insights. Open it up and allow its transformative jewels to adorn your awareness.”

— Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of The Heart

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Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: The Intimate Enemy
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The Intimate Enemy

233-Pg. Book

The Intimate EnemyWinning the War Within Yourself


Chapter 1: Awakening to the Self above All Struggles

  • Discover the Hidden Forces behind the War within You
  • Sure Guarantees for Swift Progress
  • New Facts for Real Strength
  • The True View that Starts the Healing in You
  • Correct This Mistake and Change Your Life
  • How to Make Problems Fall Away
  • Win Permanent Victory over the Enemy Within

Chapter 2: Let Truth Take You Beyond Your Troubles

  • New Light that Reveals and Heals Old Pains
  • How to End Every Pain
  • Go from Storms To Sunny Skies
  • Regain Your Right to Be Self-Ruling
  • You Can Conquer Any Condition
  • The Secret Understanding that Makes Painful Events Disappear
  • Put the Universe on Your Side

Chapter 3: Positive Steps to Drop Negative Spirits

  • Catch Hitch-Hiking Spirits in the Act
  • Get to the Bottom of What's Betraying You
  • The Hidden Message in the Mechanical Pumpkin
  • You Can be Stronger than Any Dark Spirit
  • The Power to Dissolve Any Negative State
  • Discover the Remarkable Power of Attention
  • Find New Strength in Awakened Attention

Chapter 4: Meet and Defeat the Intimate Enemy

  • A Startling Revelation that Brings True Success
  • The Internal Working of the Intimate Enemy
  • Meet the Temporary Person in Charge of You
  • How Awakened Awareness Leads to Victory

Chapter 5: Break Free of All Painful Patterns

  • Make The Shadows in Your Life Disappear
  • Discover the New You in a New View
  • Shed New Light on the Pain of Impermanence
  • Anchor Yourself to an Unsinkable Security
  • How to Care for Yourself in a New Way
  • Break the Chains of False Responsibility
  • Turn to the Power that Transforms You
  • Beginning to Take Back Your Life

Chapter 6: Your Inner Victory Conquers All

  • New Self-Knowledge and the Next Step
  • Live in Harmony with Reality
  • The Little Boy Who Laughed Away the "Haunted" House
  • The Right Choice that Keeps You Safe
  • Rise Above All Runaway Reactions
  • Let Truth Help You Win Yourself

Chapter 7: The Authority to Reclaim Your Life

  • The War Correspondent's Amazing Discovery
  • Transfer Yourself into a New Life
  • Leave Your Troubles Behind You Where They Belong
  • Why Asking for a Higher View Makes a Happier You
  • Put Yourself Where Freedom Finds You
  • Free Yourself from Every False Authority
  • Take Back Authority over Your Own Life
  • The Power of Being Single-Minded

Chapter 8: Start Enlarging Your World with Self-Study

  • How Higher Self-Study Helps Reveal Your Higher Self
  • New and True Benefits that Self-Study Brings
  • Seek the Self-Knowledge that is Life's True Treasure
  • How to Achieve Your Heart's Desire
  • Make Your Escape to a Better Life With Self-Study
  • Four Insights that Guarantee Self-Success
  • Let the Light Fight for You

Chapter 9: The Freedom of Living in the First Person

  • Taking Charge of the Temporary Person in Charge
  • Find the Magic of the Original Moment
  • Stepping Outside the Circle of Self
  • How to Release Yourself from Yourself
  • Your Final Victory over the Intimate Enemy

Chapter 10: Powerful Answers to Help You Help Yourself

Customer Comments About This Product...

I AM SPEECHLESS...had to send an email. Still reading the book, first chapter. Thank you, great book so far I only wish I had read something you had wrote when I was homeless.

— Derrick B.

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