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Notes from grateful readers.

“I have been using Guy's material for a while and it has been a lifesaving tool for me. My Ipod is filled with your audios and I listen to them every day to inspire and transform thoughts and feelings and fears that used to undermine me. It has seen me through the illnesses and death of loved ones and the challenges of owning a business in a changing economic world. Most of all it has helped me to find delight in life.”

— Tracey R., Melville, Australia

“I find this a very good message from Guy. Very deep and it feels right and does resonate with me well. I will go through it a few times to absorb the data in more depth. Excellent for someone on the spiritual journey for decades now.”

— Michael T., London, England

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“I enthusiastically endorse The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred. People will keep this book on their nightstands as a permanent Dreamweaver and source of inspiration. Readers will be able to inspire both themselves and others to accomplish great things. ”

— Murray W. Nabors, Ph.D., Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Missouri Western State University, author of The Magical Dozen

“Guy Finley reminds us that turning within is essential for living a life of peace. The practical guidance in this book will bring you home to the heart of Love. ”

— Ana Holub, Forgiveness counselor and author of Forgive and Be Free

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: The Secret of Your Immortal Self
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The Secret of Your Immortal Self

343-Pg. Book

The Secret of Your Immortal SelfKey Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within

For those who seek a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Divine, or just someone who wants let go of the misery of useless suffering, The Secret of Your Immortal Self opens the doors to new a level of self-understanding that makes both wishes come true... at the same time.

It provides powerful insights and practical steps on how to find a guiding light in the middle of any dark moment; a light that not only reveals the illusion of imagined self-limitation, but that instantly releases you from the fear of it as well.

Each of the book's unique essays helps the reader remember a long forgotten part of their true timeless nature.

Piece by piece, this recollection stirs the sleeping soul that, once awakened, guides the individual to the crowning moment of life: contact with the immortal Self.

The gifts of this celestial union, and the new order of Self conceived through it, provide more than can ever be imagined. This authentic "second birth" releases the aspirant from all forms of regret, endows him or her with a patience and compassion that no enemy can provoke, and, perhaps most important of all, grants the unthinkable realization that -- despite all appearances to the contrary -- death is not the end of life.

Buy Today and Receive 5 FREE Bonuses!

1) Recording of a Follow-Up Webinar with Guy Finley

Audio recording of an in-depth presentation and discussion of the Immortal Self book, followed by an illuminating Q&A with attendees.

  • Listen along as Guy reveals how you can use every relationship in your life to tap into a timeless wisdom that will act as your Guiding Light even in the darkest moments.

  • Gain priceless insights about how to enter into your own higher levels of consciousness that know -- without thinking about it -- that death is not the end of life.

  • Hear illuminating and encouraging answers to spiritual questions about the material in the Immortal Self book.

2) 1 Month of Free Access to Guy Finley's Online Wisdom School

Guy's online virtual Wisdom School,, is updated daily with his latest talks and writings, plus:

  • Friendly forums filled with like-minded people give you a community of new friends to share in your ongoing discoveries -- including weekly live online chats via GoToWebinar

  • MP3 audio files of Guy's new talks keep your mind focused and your heart refreshed

  • Daily meditative insights via email help you to remember your higher intentions

  • A giant library of over 1,000 full-length Guy Finley talks on downloadable MP3s

3) 4-Hour MP3 Album: The Golden Rule of Self-Realization

In these transformational talks you will learn:

  • How to Let Go and Agree to the Healing Power of Revelation
  • How to Be Free of the False Authority of Negative States
  • How to Reflect Rather Than Deflect the Light of Truth
  • The 3-Step Process to Rise Above Any Circumstance
  • 7 Laws to Realize a Conscious Relationship With the Divine

4) 400-Page eBook: 365 Days to Let Go

In 365 Days to Let Go, Guy reveals two of the most beautiful and elegant of these principles: the Law of Seasons and the Law of Scale. In four stirring chapters, one for each season, readers will learn how to harness the immense hidden powers found in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall to lift their lives into a whole new level.

Use the daily meditative insights in this book every day for a season, a year, or for the rest of your life, and watch as your mind grows sharper and your heart becomes whole.

5) 1-Hour MP3: Guy Finley Interview on New Dimensions Radio

In this lively interview, Guy Finley takes you on a whirlwind tour of awakening to your true nature -- a journey that will plunge you deep inside the mysteries of your immortal self.

Customer Comments About This Product...

My family and I are great followers of Guy, and I must say, without reservation, his latest book is absolutely inspiring. Well-written, and filled with great learnings and quotations. We've read all of Guy's stuff, but this time he hit it out of the park. We are committed every minute of our day to practice the Work, and [Life of Learning] and of course Guy, are instrumental in our growth. We are so grateful, every day, that we have the tools to work through what is often a crazy world. Thanks to Guy's guidance, my family, friends, and I enjoy a happy life, free of complaint and discontent.

— Yvonne Carney, Vero Beach, FL

I just watched the video for Guy's new book The Secret of Your Immortal Self -- what a wonderful message -- it took me to a higher place where I know truth lies waiting for us all.

My heart is opened a little more. Please know that all EVERYONE does there at the Foundation to help awaken humanity, for me, is inspiring and helps me to continue working as well.

— Bonnie H., Englewood, CO

I wish to thank Guy most sincerely for his book, The Secret of Your Immortal Self, which I purchased a short time ago & have just finished reading.

In my opinion, it is an absolute gem – the best book on the subject that I have ever read. The wisdom therein is so valuable that I intend to read it again & this time note/highlight aspects that are especially pertinent to me at this time in my life.

I want Guy to know that I am extremely grateful to him for having taken the time to compile so much important information in one book - it truly is the guide to my ongoing journey.

— Val Flint, Newcastle, NSW

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See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self teaches us how to uproot the false beliefs underlying our fear, anger, uncertainty, and self-doubt and how we may access the inherent joy, equanimity, wisdom, and creativity of our Authentic Self.”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

“Guy Finley's thoughtful words of timeless wisdom in The Secret of Your Immortal Self will help inspire you to be your best self, for yourself and for those you love.”

— Daniel G. Amen, MD, NY Times Best-Selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“Guy Finley embodies universal wisdom. With his compassionate heart, Guy teaches practical insights each of us can apply in our daily lives to realize our own divinity.”

— Philip M. Hellmich, Director of Peace at The Shift Network, and author: God and Conflict: A Search for Peace in a Time of Crisis