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Notes from grateful readers.

“Just popping in to say I have been listening to your talks for several years and have several of your books and tapes. If you only knew how much you have helped me understand what I needed to understand. I send you a great big hug and Merry Christmas to you and yours.”

— Joanie S., Kansas city, KS

“I have purchased the Secrets of Being Unstoppable MP3 downloads from your website. I have loaded the files to my memory stick and listen EVERYDAY on my 35-minute ride to and from work. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and consider the value PRICELESS! Thank you for your time and GOD BLESS!”

— Stephen S., Fall River, MA

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Throughout his prolific career Guy Finley's works have shown countless readers and workshop participants the way to develop the uniqueness that the Creator endowed in them and in each of us. In his latest book, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred, he affords his audience the opportunity to go beyond reading and to participate in the individual and collective human development on a global scale.”

— Don Whittecar, CEO, The Emergent Institute

“Thank you again and again, Master Guy Finley, for sharing the gifts of your graceful and provocative awakenings in your wonderful new book, Letting Go...A Little Bit at a Time.”

— Carolyn Craft, broadcast veteran and expert, visionary producer/developer, and business executive and adviser

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: The Turning Point
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The Turning Point

4-Hour Audio Program

The Turning PointThe Power of a Life Awakened

For meaningful change to take place within us, we must be in conscious relationship with the one power that transforms us -- the endless turning of God's Life. In this soul-stirring album you will learn the secrets of breaking through the barriers that have kept you from joining with life's great movement.

Once we awaken to see that each of our lives is an integral part of an Eternal Turning Point, and that nothing changes in this Great Life without changing everything within it, then we can let go of trying to change ourselves and simply take our natural place participating in the power of the Life Awakened. -- Guy Finley

What keeps you locked in place when you yearn to open yourself to life's endless dance? Is there a way to break free? In The Turning Point the Higher Secrets for attaining the dynamic, yet effortless life are revealed. Over four hours of spiritual gold, including a practical and inspiring guide to the process of meditation.

Discover the following secrets of the awakened life:

  • Awaken to the Wonder of the Ever-Changing World Within You
  • The Three A's at the Root of the Life Awakened
  • Open Your Heart and Let the Light of Life In
  • Living in the Light of the Life Never-Ending
  • Find and Fulfill the Missing Half of Your Life
  • The Meditative Life
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  • 4 Hours
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