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Notes from grateful readers.

“Hi Guy, I just discovered your website through a self-development website's radio show. OMG. I LOVE YOU. I have been searching for information like this in my spiritual journey because these are the kind of talks I love having with people. You are a breath of fresh air in the spiritual community. I was supposed to find your site at this journey in my life and Thank you!!!”

— Brenda P.

“Thank you so much, Guy Finley, your book has inspired the transformation of my life. :)”

— Tien F., Cupertino, CA

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley is one of our greatest living teachers when it comes to dropping fear and claiming our authentic love and power.”

— Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Marketing Coach, Founder

“This book is a great resource for everyone who has embarked on a spiritual quest. For those of us who sometimes feel lost in a spiritual desert, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred by Guy Finley offers a verdant oasis of wisdom and insight... a resource I will turn to every day. ”

— Terry Taylor, author of A Spirituality for Brokenness and Executive Director of Interfaith Paths to Peace

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: The Majestic Life
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The Majestic Life

9.5-Hour Audio Program

The Majestic LifeMaster the Secrets of Self-Realization

Realize the infinite wisdom of your True Self. Discover the power and freedom of a fearless life. Step into the calm clarity of a perfectly quiet mind.

In this powerful audio album, recorded live during Guy Finley's 5-day intensive workshop at the Omega Institute in 2009, you'll learn everything you need to know to master the secrets of Self-Realization and discover the truly Majestic Life!

Just a few of the exciting discoveries waiting for you in these talks include:

  • The Keys to Creating a Whole New Life
  • The First Law of Fearless Living
  • How to Enlighten Yourself in No Time at All
  • How to Walk Away From Any Painful Stress, Worry, or Regret
  • How to Realize Your True Relationship With the Presence Moment

The Majestic Life contains over 9 hours of powerful insight and instruction and is a complete introductory course in inner-transformation. You'll want to refer back to these talks again and again as you put the ideas they contain to work in your life and begin to see the bright and happy results.

Customer Comments About This Product...

I purchased and listened to The Majestic Life recently and I can't say enough about it. To me, along with his book The Secret of Letting Go, it is a true masterwork.

— Robert B.

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  • 9.5 Hours
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