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“Absolutely love your site, your books, your cds, dvds, etc., etc., - you have helped me in so many ways.”

— Peggy B.

“Hello, I have just about finished the book The Secret of Letting Go. In such a short time it has changed my life. I have gotten a glimpse of living in true happiness and the more I practice what I have learned in this book the more I enjoy who I am.”

— Nancy F.

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“Guy Finley has done it again!! This little Letting Go book has a pearl on every page, and makes the whole world our oyster!”

— Sallie Felton, host, International Talk Radio, life coach, transition specialist

“Be prepared to be inspired! The Secret of Your Immortal Self, is a penetrating must-read guide for anyone who wants to live a more soulful and authentic life." ”

— Fran Sorin, Author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: For the Love of Life
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For the Love of Life

8-Hour Audio Program

For the Love of LifeSeeing the Good When Things Look Bad

There is one basic key to genuine confidence and a happiness that can't be diminished in the face of life's events. It's knowing that whatever happens to you is for the good of you -- and because of that you will be able to handle anything with ease.  

With that kind of inner certainty, you are always the master of the moment.

You know that nothing can ever throw you off balance. You will always land on your feet. Better yet, you will always land in a place higher than where you were before.

Imagine the freedom and assurance you'd feel if you met every moment of your life with that kind of inner confidence.

Think how alive you would feel if you were able to enter each new day knowing that no matter who you met, or what happened to you, you would always have the inner resources to handle it perfectly.

During the 2012 summer solstice, individuals from all over the world gathered at Life of Learning Foundation in Merlin, Oregon, for five days of powerful talks presented by Guy Finley.

In all, Guy presented seven powerful talks that built one upon the other to reveal how we can learn to see the Higher gift hidden in every moment.

In addition, Guy gave two talks on meditation based on the theme, Completing Yourself Starts with Connecting Yourself to Real Life.

Every moment of these revealing talks was recorded, and the result is an 7-hour album that will help you to take the next step higher!

There is nothing more important -- or fulfilling -- than awakening to our potential to experience the Divine and feel the touch of Its Love upon our life. This life-changing information is available in For the Love of Life.

Customer Comments About This Product...

This is TOTALLY brilliant!!! Guy, thank you with all my heart for all the wonderful work you do.

— Alison A., London, England

I would like to thank Mr. Finley and all of the staff at the Life of learning Foundation for all of the encouragememt, wisdom and caring you offer to others every day. It is impossible to explain in words how much For the Love of Life, books, tweets, etc. helped [get] me to a state of simple happiness. I am grateful.

— Paula P

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