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“I just discovered the book [The Essential Laws of] Fearless Living and started to read it. I'm currently on page 105 and it has already changed me. . . . I feel less AFRAID!!! I was just diagnosed with [a] chronic disease and have [been] going through the toughest time in my 35 years of life and let me tell you, this book is a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for giving hope!!”

— Eli F.

“Guy Finley speaks to me like no other has. I hope to meet him in person some day.”

— Jerry D., Atlanta, GA

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“In The Secret of Your Immortal Self, Guy Finley masterfully reminds us how to start giving ourselves what we really want and guides us to receive the nudges and signals that are available to each of us at all times -- his insights allow us to expand into the powerful and unique expression we are each here to live.”

— Kristen Howe,

“His love and his passion give wings to his words, and the reader is lifted up to a whole new realm -- a rarified region of the soul... a very beautiful piece of work and will no doubt be read for many generations to come.”

— Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: Relationship Magic!
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Relationship Magic!

7 Hours in 6 Downloads

Relationship Magic!

The crucial understanding you need to build a beautiful, enduring relationship with the one you love... and better relationships with everyone you know.

Guy Finley calls relationships the most abundant yet least understood and utilized resource on the planet.

But now you can learn how to use them for your own good and the good of those you love... and everyone you meet. That's because Guy has presented his most powerful insights on Love and Relationships in an almost magical series of talks to create an all-inclusive course, Relationship Magic!

Love & Relationship Wisdom That Goes Far Beyond the Ordinary

This is not your run-of-the-mill love and relationships information. Far from it.

In fact, if you prefer the old, familiar relationship platitudes, then this program is not for you.

Because in 5 full talks plus a 2-hour webinar, Guy goes far beyond common, everyday wisdom about love and relationships. Instead of positive affirmations and flimsy techniques, Guy provides a profound set of principles that -- once understood and embodied -- will heal the hurts and misunderstandings that lie at the root of ALL your relationship issues, beautifully transforming EVERY relationship you have.

Think of it as Relationships 101 -- where Guy tackles many of the questions men and women struggle with every day in their relationships -- with loved ones, friends, co-workers -- even the checker at the grocery store.

Now you can learn the crucial relationship insights that Guy has gathered over his 40 years of spiritual teaching. You'll get the knowledge and the actions you need to build the type of relationship very few men and women ever experience. A relationship that is never stagnant, but always growing -- spontaneous, fun, affectionate, incorruptible -- and above all, truly loving.

You'll learn what happens when a relationship -- born in the flame of what always turns out to be a fading desire -- is given what it needs to grow even warmer and brighter... fanned by the fire of a love and caring for each other that never dies.

That's there where the real relationship magic happens!

How to Free Yourself From Heartache and Loneliness... Permanently!

Now we come to a vital area of Guy's course: the final defeat of heartache and loneliness... and yes, there really is such a thing.

If you're going to unlock the mystery of a deep, loving, relationship -- whether it's a relationship with another human being or a relationship with Life itself -- you will have to understand what gives heartache and loneliness their power. If you don't, these two brutes will mangle the nascent potential in every one of your relationships.

And please, whatever you do, don't make the mistake of believing that the company of a man or a woman will keep you safe.

Heartache and loneliness care nothing at all about their victims' circumstances. They're bullies, and they'll stalk a woman who is "married with children" just as surely as they'll hunt the woman who lives alone.

But, and this is the important part, once you understand them -- which is one of the crucial pieces of wisdom you'll gain from this course -- you'll know how to live beyond their reach... for good!

Relationship Magic! Addresses Your Most Important Issues

Up until now you've probably struggled to apply spiritual understanding in your relationships. Don't worry; it's like that for everyone.

Fortunately, Relationship Magic! not only helps you uncover the missing puzzle pieces, but it also shows you how to fit them together.

Guy presents these golden insights into the dynamics and true possibility for our soul's growth in any relationship:

  • How to Realize the Invisible Promise and Power of Love

  • Start Seeing How Others See You and Watch Old Conflicts Fade From View

  • End Any Bitter Disagreement With These 5 Amazing Words of Love

  • The Great Law of Loving Kindness That Protects and Perfects All of Your Relationships at the Same Time

  • Practicing the ABC's of Relationship magic: How to Create and Cultivate the Space You Need for Love to Grow

Now you can gain a comprehensive, spiritual understanding of relationships -- the same understanding that has rescued countless men and women from the throes of loneliness and heartache, anger and jealousy, bitterness and despondency.

And the result?

A clear path back to pleasant, cheerful, affectionate relationships -- relationships that are free of drama, yet overflowing with meaningful connection.

Hear Guy Answer Questions Just Like Yours!

Guy capped off the Relationship Magic! seminar with a live webinar. Visitors asked heartfelt questions, allowing Guy to deepen his explanation of issues that were of deep personal significance. Perhaps these are your questions too. Here's a sampling:

  • One woman asked how best to work with the energy of anger as it is triggered and rising in interactions with others. Guy gave helpful advice on how to work in the moment.

  • A man said he loved his wife, but saw himself trying to change her, and also felt driven to infidelity. Guy's answer helped him see the real issues he had to face.

  • A woman asked what would happen if she always took the high ground and did not argue, blame, or coerce. Would that mean she'd have to look away while her spouse wasted thousands of dollars? Guy said that being awake in a relationship NEVER means to let wrong things go on, and explained her real responsibility.

  • A woman asked how to know when a relationship is over, even if there is still love there. Guy's poignant answer may surprise you.

  • A woman asked about her untrusting nature that she saw was ruining her relationships. Guy told her how she could open her heart to others.

  • A woman asked whether to stay in a relationship with a man who refuses to commit to her. Guy clarified the issues so she could see what actions to take.

  • A man who was trying to meet someone through online dating asked how to tell which lady holds "the most potential." Guy helped him to see what was in his heart.

  • A divorced man asked about his responsibility to his now estranged son. Again, Guy helped clarify the issues so the man could make the right decision.

  • A woman in the process of divorcing asked how to maintain a relationship with this man who is the father of her children, and is now angry and confused. Guy's helpful insight was greatly appreciated.

  • A man who has always felt a deep-seated need to be alone wonders if he is missing out on the opportunity to discover himself in relationship. Again, Guy's answer cuts to the heart of the real issues.

And there were so many more helpful questions and answers to help you understand your own relationships and how to use them for the good of all involved.

Enjoy the Best Relationships of Your Life

There's no question that we've all picked up some important relationship pointers along the way. But by now we've also learned that a handful of pointers isn't enough to carve out that beautiful relationship we all long to know. It takes more.

It takes an all-encompassing understanding. It takes a deeper, spiritual understanding.

And Guy Finley's Relationship Magic! gives you exactly that.

Relationship Magic! Is a Multi-Media Program That Will Enliven and Enlighten Every Relationship You Have

Relationship Magic! includes:

  • Five 1-Hour Relationship Talks by Guy in MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) format

  • One 2-Hour Relationship Q-&-A Webinar with Guy

  • Three additional bonus items!

Bonus Item #1

The Living Keys to Unconditional Love (1-Hour MP3 Audio Program)

Learn the ultimate purpose behind all relationships; what you must do to let authentic, unconditional love blossom in every relationship; and the secret to dissolving hatred and fear in your interactions with others.

Bonus Item #2

50 Ways to Let More Love Into Your Life (30-Page eBooklet)

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, can transform everything about our lives. It is the embodiment of all things good. It melts anger and cancels resentment. It is the key to finding and fulfilling our one true purpose in life! In this 30-page e-pocketbook, Guy gives 50 ways we can invite this powerful, authentic Love into each and every moment of our lives, making our relationships flourish as never before.

Bonus Item #3

Guy Finley Interview on Jefferson Public Radio (30-Minute MP3)

Listen to Guy and JPR radio host Geoffrey Riley discuss how to make "relationship magic"by turning spiritual principles into practical application.

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