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“Since signing up to your program it is starting to change my life. I have just listened to Three Simple Steps (a talk from 10/3/2012)... fantastic. I have already received 1000 times over the value of the annual fee. Thank you for being here with all your wisdom & help.”

— John Houghton, El Perello, Tarragona, Spain

“I am a true follower & listener of Guy's talks & messages, they have helped me enormously in being where I am right now and I still wait for his daily inspiration to come through each day, many a time it's as if they were personally written for me!”

— Sharon B.

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“A wonderful book whose meditations will help anyone interested in 'letting go' and entering higher consciousness. Since the meditations are synchronized with the energetics of each season, they will be more powerful -- produce greater results -- than normal meditations. Mr. Finley's essays on the four seasons are well worth reading and by themselves are worth the price of the book.”

— Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

“If you want to free your mind, lose your inhibitions and erase the fears that hold you back in life, fears that threaten to keep you shackled to a mundane existence, then you must read this book.”

— Darren G. Burton, author of Real Life Dramas

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: The Secret That Makes All Negative States Afraid of You
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The Secret That Makes All Negative States Afraid of You

60-Min. Guy Finley Talk

The Secret That Makes All Negative States Afraid of You

What is it that has you feeling trapped?

  • A failing relationship teetering on the edge of breakup?

  • A depression that coils itself around your mind the moment you wake up?

  • The sinking feeling that you're well into your middle-age years and still have little to show for it?

  • Exasperation over the countless responsibilities that hold you hostage and drive you through your day from dusk 'til dawn?

  • Gnawing anxiety over looming financial trouble?

Whatever the feeling, here's one single sentence that could save you years of useless struggle. One sentence that could put you well on your way to the possibility of instantaneous self-rescue. And that sentence is this:

You've been struggling with the wrong thing.

No matter how things may seem on the surface, the solution to these terrible feelings -- the permanent solution -- cannot be found through the popular approaches prescribed by today's experts.

The pain and heartache in your relationship isn't going to be chased away by filling your mind with "happy thoughts."

The tossing and turning at night over your money worries can't be affirmed out of existence.

And the sense that life is passing you by isn't going to diminish by visualizing or attracting some brighter future to come.

The only real solution that exists is the one that frees you immediately from the pain of your situation... before even one thing has changed in your circumstances.

How could it be otherwise?

How could REAL freedom ever depend on circumstances? That would make your freedom conditional, which means it's a knock-off. Just another veneer covering up the fear.

See Through This Diabolical Game of Bait-and-Switch

When we're facing any unwanted condition, our typical mindset promises us lasting relief if we'll fight to overcome not just the circumstances, but the fear and worry too.

Yet the lasting relief never arrives, does it? At best all we get is a temporary postponement of the pain.

And that's because the only thing that frantic activity can do is lure you into a deceptive con game: The illusion that the only way to change how you feel is to change the circumstances you don't want.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

But that's the unseen sleight-of-hand that has stolen your life.

Because in the end, true freedom -- which implies the ability to instantly rise above anything life throws at you -- doesn't mean possessing power over circumstances. Far from it. It means being in command of the parts of your own mind that insist the only way to be free is by controlling your circumstances.

Few People Ever Realize the Following...

Fear, anxiety, anger, depression..... these negative states have no real life of their own. They live off of YOU without you ever knowing it. And this is a fact you can prove from your own experience...

Fear feeds on you every time you imagine how nervous you might be when you get up to make that big presentation, or when you imagine how your voice might quiver if you offer a toast.

But it isn't really the condition that's creating your fear.

The fear comes from one thing and one thing only: From your own mind fighting to escape the outcome it has imagined.

That last point should knock you clean off your chair!

And the same holds true when regret wants you to relive some past painful mistake. Or when anger gives you all the reasons why you should hate or resent someone. The condition isn't the cause of the conflict you feel. The conflict comes from the whisperings of an unenlightened mind that actually creates its own enemy.

The more you can be aware of this unconscious relationship within you -- however it appears, whether as anger, jealousy, anxiety, or depression -- the more YOU will be in charge of IT.

But is it really that easy?

Yes... it is really that easy, and exactly how this dynamic works and what you must do to detect and drop it on the spot is all revealed in Guy's seminar, The Secret That Makes All Negative States Afraid of You. In this program Guy gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to:

  • Drop despair and depression on the spot... yes, instantly!

  • Disarm anger and blame before they ruin your relationships.

  • Use the power of destructive emotions in an unimaginably new and constructive way.

  • Understand the secret cause of any psychological fear and how to dismantle it.

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