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“Mr. Finley, I'd like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for your book The Secret of Letting Go! ...My life has been forever changed for the better. I now look forward to everyday with excitement and expectation.”

— Kenneth W.

“The Meditative Life cd's are in my car and I listen to them constantly! Thank you for a simple straightforward and life-changing message! Thank you So Much!”

— Vicki S., Fort Wayne, IN

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The Secret of Your Immortal Self is a rich tapestry of Guy's spiritual wisdom that teaches us how to let go of the old conditioning of fear, control and outmoded beliefs, so that we can find what we really seek: our inner connection to the Divine.”

— Michelle Mayur, Author of Embraced by the Divine

“Guy Finley again offers help exactly fitting to the times; Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time gives us gentle daily steps we can easily digest and use to remain intimate with our true, eternally peaceful, selves.”

— Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., host of Full Power Living

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: Get Things Done: How to Break the Painful Pattern of Procrastination
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Get Things Done: How to Break the Painful Pattern of Procrastination

60-Min. Guy Finley Talk

Get Things Done: How to Break the Painful Pattern of Procrastination

It's staggering when you stop and think about it...

...the number of individuals who were born into this world destined for greatness, but whose lives were hijacked and eventually devastated by chronic procrastination.

If only they'd been given a few simple, yet enormously profound insights about overcoming procrastination, their possibilities could've been radically different.

The problem is, time doesn't care one bit about your possibilities... nor anyone else's. It stubbornly marches on whether you act or don't act.

One by one the productive years of your life slowly tick away... never to be recaptured... never to be reinvested. All this bursting potential, all this extraordinary vitality, and for most men and women, so very little to show for it.

Just the cost in personal satisfaction alone is staggering. When you tally the number of aims that have gone untried, the number of dreams that have gone unfulfilled, you understand why so many men and women live in a chronic state of desperation.

The Pain of Lost Opportunities

At a certain point you realize just how many opportunities procrastination has ripped from your hands. Opportunities that include:

  • Starting your own business
  • Buying your first house
  • Writing your novel
  • Remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom
  • Planting a vegetable garden
  • Learning to play the piano
  • Organizing your garage or your closets
  • Tackling all that paperwork in your office
  • Planning your trip to Europe
  • Sticking to an exercise plan

The thing about procrastination is this: It's a chipper. It does its damage slowly... imperceptibly... like rust chewing its way through an iron bar. The crippling effects of procrastination can't be measured by any single instance of its appearance. Instead, you have to measure the cumulative toll it takes on your life. Only then can you fully appreciate its devastating power.

Its devastation isn't measured merely in dollars and cents lost, but in greatness left unclaimed, character left undeveloped, wisdom left unrealized.

A Fail-Proof Way to Overcome Procrastination?

How would you like to change all that... starting today?

I don't mean change it for a day... for a week... for a month... not even for a whole year. I mean how would you like to change it for good... how would you like to change it permanently?

How would you like to change your understanding of procrastination so fundamentally, so radically, that you always -- yes, ALWAYS -- have in your possession a proven, fail-proof way to rescue yourself from its vicious grip the very moment it appears?

Before you answer, let me make one thing perfectly clear: A new day planner system isn't going to do it. A new organizational system for your office isn't going to do it.

Because it isn't the tools or planning system that's holding you back. What's holding you back is the inability to get yourself up off the couch when nothing in you feels like getting started. What's holding you back is an astounding, yet easy-to-correct misunderstanding about the secret, little-known way to turn procrastination into instantaneous and immediate productivity.

That precise understanding is what you stand to gain today.

One Shocking Discovery Changes Everything!

Back in 2003, while working with a collection of ideas from the books and classes of best-selling author, Guy Finley, I stumbled upon an explanation of procrastination that just about knocked me off my chair. Not only did it explain what causes procrastination, but it gave me an unthinkable new action to take towards it... one that proved remarkably effective, and one that was so incredibly counter-intuitive, I believe it would've eluded my understanding my entire life had it not been shown to me.

This one understanding forever changed the relationship I had with the weakling called procrastination. Still to this very day, I look back at that discovery and the only thing I can say is, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Back then I had just taken on the development of a brand new Web site for Guy Finley's non-profit Foundation. I was a self-taught Web designer, and it was by far the biggest project I had ever attempted.

At first, everything on the project unfolded smoothly. The excitement of starting a new creative project often gives you an initial burst of energy and excitement that carries you a good ways into the task.

But then came the dreaded wall.

There I sat, with a massive list of over 25 yet-to-be-completed, custom web pages staring back at me.

"How in the world am I going to get it all done? Where do I even begin!?"

Over and over I tried to get myself motivated. I tried remembering the importance of what I was doing. I tried remembering all the people this was going to help.

I can't even begin to tell you what a mistake that was...

When Procrastination Has You Trapped, Motivation is the Last Thing You Need!

Believe me, when procrastination has you pinned to the floor, motivation isn't what's needed. Not in the least. What's needed is an understanding of the secret, little-known purpose behind that lazy, lethargic, uninspired energy.

And the reason I can say that is because that's precisely what happened right there in my little one-room studio. With my head slumped over in my hands, I suddenly remembered the understanding I had just learned from Guy Finley about procrastination.

I remembered it and began employing it. I figured I'd use it on just the next web page, just to see what would happen.

Much to my amazement, I got that page done in a fraction of the time I had expected.

So I applied it again to another page. Same result. The page got done, and with no delay whatsoever. So I continued... on and on... one page after another after another. It worked... and it kept working!

Now I'll be honest with you. There were a few times when I fell off the wagon. I got sucked back into the state of procrastination without even realizing it happened. But once I recognized it, the correction was immediate and absolute.

I applied the same understanding throughout that entire project, and it proved wildly successful. I can still remember the morning I launched the site. I walked into a meeting with Guy and the rest of the Life of Learning staff to the sound of applause, while receiving appreciative slaps on the back.

**The appreciation was nice, but in the back of my mind, I knew I had acquired something of a permanent value. I knew what I had learned about procrastination would stay with me forever. **

Procrastination: A Gold Mine of Untapped Energy?

Now I'm going to ask you a question. And I want you to think about it as deeply as you can. Because this is where your understanding of procrastination begins to change:

***Do you realize it actually takes energy to procrastinate? ***

Do you realize the same energy you now use to worry about a project, to think about what needs to be done, is the exact same energy that can be used for enormous productivity?

The situation is precisely the same as having a jug of gasoline with which you can do anything you choose. You can spill it on the ground, ignite it, and watch the flames burning wildly for no useful purpose. Or, you can funnel that gasoline into the gas tank of your car, and suddenly every drop of that liquid energy gets harnessed for a tremendously useful and productive purpose.

WARNING: Why the Search for Motivation Can Have Devastating Consequences

Now I know what you're probably thinking, "Well sure, of course the energy could be used differently. I know that already. The problem is, I need to find some way to turn it into motivation."

No... you don't!

What I'm saying is that the exact same dark, uninspired energy can be harnessed, it can be ignited, for intense, unstoppable productivity!

You don't have to find a way to turn it into motivation! In fact, if you wait for motivation, you're sunk!

I tell you, if I could yell it from the rooftops, I would: Motivation isn't what's needed!

Oh how we've been misled! Misled by productivity experts who want to sell you complex, $500 courses to address something that could be corrected with one simple, yet incredibly profound change in your understanding.

The single greatest mistake you could ever make when facing a moment of procrastination is to wait for enthusiasm and motivation to carry you through. Talk about a loss of possibilities!


Because when you make yourself dependent upon those feelings for your productivity, the moment they disappear, you're left stranded.

I promise you there's another way! A way that will NEVER leave you stranded.

Groundbreaking Instruction Gives You the Shocking Secret to Getting Things Done!

Back when I was working on that Web site project, the powerful understanding I used to help me succeed was an understanding that came from snippets of my favorite Guy Finley books and classes.

For years I had wished Guy would take all of those insights and put them into one concentrated program for people who were facing the common, everyday problem of getting things done.

Well I'm happy to tell you, that wish is finally a reality!

In this program Guy Finley dedicates an entire hour to the subject of procrastination! The same incredible understanding, the same unthinkable instruction, and now it's all packed into one indispensable program.

I can't even begin to tell you everything this understanding could do for you.

Can you imagine meeting that dreaded feeling of lethargy, of indifference, of utter disinterest, and literally as quickly as snapping your fingers, finding all the energy you need to start and follow-through on the task before you?

What couldn't you do? What couldn't you accomplish?

Imagine firing off replies to all those emails in your inbox one after another after another, doing all the necessary research for that new project right then and there as the need arises, shredding through piles and piles of paperwork, writing one new page for your book every day, sawing boards, driving screws, hanging curtains, balancing accounts, organizing clutter, tilling soil, planting seeds, calling contractors, eating healthy, exercising daily... and all of this bewildering productivity bursting forth out of the very same procrastination that has stopped you all your life!

How in the world can you even put a price on something like that?

Knowing the Right Thing to Do... That's What Matters

The fact is, most people have no idea what to do when caught in the dark gravity of procrastination. But imagine having, right at your fingertips, the complete understanding that frees you from procrastination any time you need to tackle a new project at work or make a new improvement around the house.

Most people have become so accustomed to procrastination that when they see you accomplishing not just one new home improvement a year, but 5, 10, even 20 projects that would've remained on their To-Do list for years to come, they're going to wonder how in the world you're doing it.

But keep in mind, we're not just talking about practical day-to-day success. Making progress in your spiritual life is absolutely no different. In fact, it could be said that the greatest opportunities in your spiritual life will depend upon you understanding these very same practical insights.

The reason for that is simple: You can make very little authentic progress in your spiritual life until you learn how to act independent of the parts of you that have no interest in you doing your spiritual work. And this program gives you that extraordinary understanding... and so much more.

Seize This Day!

Wouldn't it be incredible to understand the nature of procrastination so thoroughly, so completely, that the next time you set out to accomplish something, to achieve something, you're prepared for anything that comes next? So that you don't get stopped 5 yards down the path toward your goal?

What you stand to gain today is exactly that: An understanding of procrastination that is radically different from anything you've ever heard before. An understanding that puts the power squarely in your hands.

So that instead of being someone who gets trapped and punished by procrastination, you will be one of the very few who can use it for an unthinkable new kind of productivity. Someone who can instantly shift from complete and utter inaction to a state of enlightened, unencumbered productivity.

Find out for yourself.... use the buttons above to get your copy now!

Customer Comments About This Product...

I listened in to the procrastination webinar and it was mind-changing. So much so that I challenged myself the minute I logged off the webinar that I would do what I always put off for a later time, which was to go through the piles of mail that I always put off checking. Lo and behold there was a check that I was not expecting at all. And I recognized that although the check was rewarding the bigger reward I felt was being able to challenge this nature that loves to procrastinate which has plagued me for years. I realize that getting the check is one event, but challenging this procrastination nature calls for a constant repositioning where this Work gathers for me something new which goes before me and the part I play in it is to allow myself to be the ground for all these forces to be reconciled within me. I am beginning to see that all along I have been acting from something that is out of place within myself which has been using me. I am also reminded that this is only the beginning and the beginning is always happening. Hmmm nowhere to go, nothing to do and everything to see... Priceless :)!

Btw the way I really really really love the webinar format on procrastination!

— Yolanda Wade, Miramar, FL

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