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Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: Lessons Only Love Can Teach
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Lessons Only Love Can Teach

4 22-Min. Guy Finley Talks

Lessons Only Love Can TeachBeing An Apprentice of the Heart

Whenever we love someone (even a natural wonder or common creature), we know that our own higher emotional state awakens in us a kind of exalted energy; one that seems to melt barriers and that brings us into relationship with our beloved in ways beyond our understanding.

Not only does this unseen force of life grant us access to the secret regions of our beloved's heart but, in some mysterious way, it also forges a union between what were formerly separate beings; two become as one for as long as this permeating presence prevails.

What do these insights teach us?

In many ways yet to be discovered, Love is the invisible "Third Party" that makes it possible for any two people to be in love; she is the invisible common ground that allows them to be united in a "place and time" that neither may know without the other.

Love is the catalyst of their completion within one another, even as she is the one Heart being shared between them. And if all this sounds a bit mysterious, that's because Love is a Grand Mystery...

What the eye can't see, the heart alone perceives.

In the four seminars on this inspiring DVD, you'll discover how Love works endlessly in Her own secret ways to conquer the willing heart; and how each and every one of us -- realized or not -- is an apprentice of the Heart, being prepared by Love for Love.

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