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Notes from grateful readers.

“Thanks for That is my lifeline. Amazing how our minds work. Guy's talks keep me on the path.”

— Andrew S.

“Dear Sir, Just began reading some of your materials and have some cds on my way from your office. I want to tell you that now even just in my first moments - I am really grateful. You are reminding me of things I knew that I feel like are as fresh water to me.”

— Finnur G., Hafnarfjordur Iceland

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley's Letting Go: A Little Bit At A Time is more than a book about letting go...It is a transformative experience!”

— Alissa Lukara, author of Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul, president,

“Guy Finley's newest book, The Secret of Your Immortal Self, reveals the shift we must make to liberate ourselves from emotional pain and confusion. The heart and soul of Divinity is Here and Now”

— Michael Benner, Personal Development Strategies

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: Concentrated Wisdom: How to Shortcut 30 Years of Spiritual Study
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Concentrated Wisdom: How to Shortcut 30 Years of Spiritual Study

60-Min. Guy Finley Talk

Concentrated Wisdom: How to Shortcut 30 Years of Spiritual Study

In this amazing one-hour program, Guy Finley distills 30 years of spiritual understanding into an incredibly powerful set of principles and instructions.

Not only does it reveal the one true answer to the age-old question, "What is it that's been missing from my life?" but it goes on from there to explain the one essential action that transforms that understanding into truly breathtaking experiences.

Here you have the authentic wisdom that fewer than 1 in 100,000 will ever be fortunate enough to discover... and you won't have to wait 30 years to discover it.

But first, a word of caution...

Rare and Powerful Understanding

What you're going to learn in this program is a very rare and very powerful understanding.

It should not be treated lightly.

It has taken individuals studying on their own upwards of 10, 20, even 30 years or more to comprehend its full significance. And if those individuals hadn't been sufficiently prepared, they would have brushed it aside the moment they heard it, never realizing the devastating blow they had just dealt to their own possibilities.

That's why, when you sit down to explore this material, it's important that you give it your full and undivided attention.

Because it is the absence of this understanding that is the one and only reason why:

  • You struggle with recurring heartache or frustration in your relationships.

  • You feel as though your life is passing you by, or that you still haven't made your mark.

  • You're burdened with regret or embarrassment for things you did in the past.

  • Your chattering mind won't let you rest at night or relax during the day.

  • You have a difficult time managing your weight or sticking with a healthy lifestyle.

  • You can't let go of the inconsiderate things people say or do to you.

  • You have trouble saving money and living within your means.

  • You're unable to finish the projects you start, or get started on the things you truly love.

  • Your day-to-day experience of life feels more like anxious waiting than moment-to-moment enjoyment.

You can understand, then, why it's said that once a man or woman obtains this understanding, he or she stands in possession of the greatest wealth any human being could ever know.

Here's Everything You'll Discover:

  1. In-depth: The one and only thing that's truly missing from your life.

  2. The one principal action that all of your spiritual understanding is leading you to.

  3. The breathtaking experience that comes from looking at your life impersonally.

  4. The dangerous state of non-existence and how to keep yourself from falling into it.

  5. How to build something truly lasting and permanent within yourself that doesn't disappear when conditions change.

  6. Where the bulk of humanity spends its existence and why it can be disastrous to your spiritual wish.

  7. The real purpose for being a human being, and why so many people fail to fulfill it.

  8. Why it is that searching for happiness will always prevent you from finding it.

  9. The real cause behind all fear, anxiety, anger, depression, and all other negative states.

  10. The most important spiritual work you can ever do for yourself.

  11. How your pursuits in life can block you from life-changing discoveries.

  12. How to never again feel like you're missing out on your own life.

  13. How to keep yourself from being carried off by negative thoughts and feelings.

  14. The unseen trap of the dream-world, which lures you into relationships that can never give you what you truly want.

  15. How you get drawn into a world beneath you, and how it uses your vitality for its own purposes.

  16. Why you cease to exist the instant you become strongly attached to what you want or don't want in life.

  17. What you must do so that the Divine can give to you the very thing you cannot give to yourself.

Complete Beginning-to-End Instruction

This is truly a one-of-a-kind Guy Finley program because it provides you with a complete beginning-to-end understanding in a very short amount of time.

It will give beginners an enormous advantage because you'll get an all-encompassing view of the entire spiritual quest, and you'll get it in the shortest time possible. But it will prove equally indispensible for long-time students too, because each listening will replenish and re-invigorate your entire spiritual understanding.

This is the one program you should have handy at all times. Simply turn it on and in one hour you'll receive the concentrated wisdom of 30 years of spiritual study. There's simply no better way to keep yourself connected to the core principles that are the basis of all true spiritual understanding.

Whatever you do, don't wait. Very few things you do in your lifetime will have as much of an impact on your spiritual understanding -- or on your life in general -- as the wisdom found in this program. So take a moment for yourself right now to get your copy of this groundbreaking program.

Customer Comments About This Product...

I find this a very good message from Guy. Very deep and it feels right and does resonate with me well. I will go through it a few times to absorb the data in more depth. Excellent for someone on the spiritual journey for decades now.

— Michael T., London, England

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