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Notes from grateful readers.

“I have just finished reading The Secret of Letting Go and I plan to read it again and make notes to study. I can't thank you enough for your golden words. They have come to me at the perfect time in my journey to finding my true self. No longer am I making choices unconsciously.”

— Julie B.

“I share Guy's material with the women I counsel; especially the classic Secret of Letting Go as it helped me so much when I was breaking off a dysfunctional relationship.”

— Anne B.

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley's visionary wisdom in The Essential Laws of Fearless Living speaks to the deep places within us. Read slowly. Absorb every word. This work redefines limitless living. Gems of Truth are awaiting your discovery.”

— Larry James, professional speaker & relationship coach, author of How to Really Love the One You're With

The Essential Laws of Fearless Living illuminates what is possible for us to become in this time of shattering changes. It is a map to what I call Living Successfully. It's not surprising to me that Guy Finley was the man to pass it along to us.”

— Bob Keeton, host & producer of Living Successfully

Self-Development and Self-Improvement Products: The Lost Practices of Attention, Meditation, and Conscious Prayer
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The Lost Practices of Attention, Meditation, and Conscious Prayer

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The Lost Practices of Attention, Meditation, and Conscious Prayer

Deepen Your Connection with The Divine

Last Spring Guy presented a series of talks on a unique form of meditation and its variations. Students who attended this 6-part series said it revolutionized their daily practice by jump-starting their enthusiasm for meditation and deepening their experience within it.

The program has been made into an album with six study units, each of which includes:

  • A 35-45 minute talk by Guy explaining and demonstrating a specific practice you can follow as part of your daily meditation

  • An "on-the-spot" exercise you can do at any time to instantly change the quality of the moment

  • A 4-page worksheet that summarizes all aspects of the exercise that you can refer to again and again

  • A meditation session (videos only)

It's impossible to give the full flavor of these truly transcendent meetings in just a few words, but here is a quick summary of the deep secrets in meditative practice you will learn:

  • A 7-Step Exercise: Using Your Attention to Strengthen Your Ability to Sense Yourself Introducing Two Spiritual Treasures: Attention and Time

  • A 7-Step Exercise in Double Attention: A Meditation Exercise For Awakening Your Sense of True Self
    Start Mining this "Missing Element" and Claim Your Right to a Quiet Mind

  • A Meditation Exercise In Self-Remembering
    Training Your Attention to Feel the Touch of the Divine Within You

  • The Secret of How to Make Your Deepest Wish Come True
    7 Simple Prayers Guaranteed to Help You Change Your Life for the Better!

  • How to Ask For and Realize the Divine Life Within You
    "Every Wish Is a Prayer"

  • Using Your Breath to Unify, Amplify, and Anchor Yourself in Higher Self-Awareness
    Gaining Awareness of a Higher, Divine Order of Being

Open your eyes to Divine inspiration and a whole new world of possibilities.

If your meditative practice has grown stale, or if it has never been what you hoped it would be... or even if it's nonexistent -- this is the perfect place to start over, or start fresh, and learn the secrets of a spiritual master that can lead you to new depths of yourself and new heights of Divine inspiration.

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