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Door of My Heart

40-Min. Music Album

Door of My HeartHarmonizing the Ages

The Peace of God is the Song of all His Spheres: It is the music they intone as they spin and spread themselves throughout His universe. --Guy Finley

Think of the role music's played in your own life. The songs you love. How they've helped you understand and express your own feelings. How they've evoked hope... longing... happiness... even the wish to be a better person.

Music moves us, literally; it has the power to take us from one place to another. And sacred music has the power to touch the aspiring soul, to help it grow. Conscious music can actually lift and transport us from one level of being to another by awakening our latent potential to be "as one" with the music of the spheres... to be the living sounding board for the "lost chord."

This is why we love music the way we do: it serves to stir certain celestial qualities we have long sensed live at the core of our being, but couldn't touch. But now we can.

Introducing the New Music Album
By the Life of Learning Foundation Singers

Door of My Heart

From specially arranged popular tunes, to the timeless classics only properly performed in their original Latin, the students at Life of Learning present this music while working to be a living instrument of the higher principles each song represents. There is nothing quite like it on earth.

Door of My Heart presents a broad band of music that spans the ages. Its unique selections range from ancient chants to folk songs, baroque masterpieces, a few popular songs and even a haunting theme written for a movie! What pulls all the pieces together is that they each have a secret message for those with ears to hear! The album even comes with a handsome foldout that helps explain the deeper spiritual meaning hidden in each piece.

This may be the most unusual album you've ever heard. Its 16 sacred songs will touch you in such a way that you'll know what it means, first hand, to be an instrument of higher emotion.

Door of My Heart is a professionally produced 40-minute music album. Every one of its 16 digitally produced tracks is a gem that you will enjoy listening to again and again!

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  • 16 MP3s
  • 40 Minutes
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  • 1 CD
  • 40 Minutes
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