Take Meditation to the Next Level

Take Meditation to the Next Level

To enter into the next level of meditation is to discover and then realize the next level of your own higher consciousness. With this eCourse you will take a deep look at what mindfulness means, how it can elevate your life, and how you can take your work of meditation, and your wish to gain the gifts it brings, into your daily experience. Special bonus: 14-page PDF transcript of the talks.

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Watch Your Life Take on New Meaning As You Learn the Secrets of How to . . .

Take Meditation to the Next Level

When we think of meditation we usually picture someone sitting quietly, eyes closed, inwardly transported to a place of serenity.

That is certainly an important type of meditation. And we love the idea of it. When we feel anxious and stressed, as most of us do a great deal of the time, we run to meditation as a respite from the pain we feel.

But we must also realize that this common idea of meditation is limited and of less significance than the true potential meditation holds for us. To be satisfied with practicing that one kind of meditation is to miss out on what meditation can, and is meant, to do.

The higher purpose of meditation is not to pull us out of life into a separate, self-enclosed world. Used properly, meditation affords us a deeper experience of the life around us. It brings us more fully into the life of the Divine as it endlessly unfolds. With this higher form of meditation we become conscious participants in the unfolding process – the moment-to-moment miracle of the continuous flowering of life itself.

The quiet that meditation brings within ourselves is not meant to be a withdrawal. Rather, through inner silence our consciousness becomes a more perfect reflection of reality so that we are in greater alignment with the “mansions” of life above us. This is the true purpose and power in this next level of meditation.

Discoveries That Will Uplift Your Practice of Meditation

As Guy tells us in the introduction to Take Meditation to the Next Level, “To enter into the next level of meditation is to discover and then realize the next level of your own higher consciousness.”

As you listen to the talks in Take Meditation to the Next Level you will gain new understanding of the power meditation holds for you to change your experience of life in each moment. Here are just some of the insights you will gain:

  • What to do when anxious thoughts demand that you enter into their confusion and DO SOMETHING right now to save yourself by rescuing them
  • Why watchfulness is the essence of a higher order of meditation
  • The importance of being released from identification with a lower level of self
  • The strength of a silent mind
  • The one action that transforms both your inner and outer worlds
  • The relationship between higher meditation and constant new beginnings
  • How being perfectly silent within yourself puts you in an enhanced relationship with the world around you
  • Four insights into perfect silence that will help you enter inner peace regardless of external circumstances

As these truths become clearer to you, and you begin to put them into practice, your level of consciousness will be elevated and you will live in a brighter, more expansive world.

Now You Can Make Meditation an Abiding Power in Your Daily Life

If you’ve been meditating for a while, you have probably known moments of peace and higher awareness during your practice. There’s no denying it can be wonderful.

But as we all know, the timer goes off, or the phone rings, or we get up and go about our daily business, and in a flash all the calmness is out the window. We’re caught up in what we have to do, and may not even think about meditation or anything higher for the rest of the day.

Then our spouse says something annoying, or our co-worker says something snide, or our boss says something critical, and we’re completely identified, defensive, and “ready to rumble.”

But what if you could carry that calm awareness you experienced during your meditation, right out into every moment of your day? So you never forgot your higher aim? You were never disconnected from the higher Source of your own being?

How would your day be different then? You could see everything happening as it unfolded, and would never feel “blindsided.” You wouldn’t react in the same knee-jerk way. You would learn from each incident so things could be different the next time.

This is what happens when the next level of meditation comes with you into the world, making the crooked places straight.

And this is what you will learn how to get in Take Meditation to the Next Level. It will help you touch what Guy describes as, “something that waits within us, a secret if you will, that is too great to be told with words but that can be, and must be, entered into consciously.”

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Session One: Introduction ............................................................................ 3 

Session Two: The Secret of Being Inwardly Still.......................................... 5 

Session Three: The Strength of a Silent Mind.............................................. 8 

Session Four: Four Insights Into Perfect Silence........................................ 11

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