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The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
  • Posted: June 9, 2008
  • Duration: 12min 39sec
Talk Notes

So much is said today about the nature of a fearless life. In this podcast we're going to examine the authentic nature of a Fearless Life. There is indeed One Supreme Principle that is the governing force behind fearlessness.

What happens to us when we face adverse circumstances? when troubles and fears knock on the door? when we find ourselves in hot water? Most of the time, after a crisis of one kind or another, we attempt to isolate and protect ourselves from the possibility of ever having to encounter such a moment again.

In Reality, not only is it possible to be Truly victorious in the face of a difficult moment, but it is possible for us to exit such moments as richer, truer human beings. But where is this Real Life? And how do we find it?

The following idea is at the very heart of fearless living: The Universe itself is actually set up for you to succeed with realizing the Fearless Life, which means that you are made for what happens to you!

Every moment of your life is bringing you that which you alone were made for. Everything was made for you, just as you were made for everything that happens to you. As you begin to see this beautiful Truth in your daily relationships with people and with the world around at large, you gradually begin to be someone who stops resisting everything that happens to you, and you begin to agree to let Life teach you Its lessons.

If you will go into any frightening moment with the understanding that the moment exists for the sole purpose of teaching you that something greater than yourself wants to give you a share of Its Life, then you will exit that moment with less fear than when you entered into it, and you will be fulfilled by the higher understanding that you were made for what happens to you.

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