The Fruits of Sincere Spiritual Effort
The Fruits of Sincere Spiritual Effort
  • Posted: July 6, 2015
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Key Lesson

The relationship between voluntary suffering, and the good spiritual fortune that any conscious labor will produce... is similar to how the hard work it takes to cultivate a field increases the likelihood of a healthy bumper crop.


Here is one of the great spiritual mysteries of all time. Freedom is either found within one's suffering or not at all; the only thing one escapes who runs from his or her pain is the possibility of discovering its purpose and how to transcend it.

There is no such thing as "later" when it comes to our spiritual life. What we do in the now is the sole seed of our life experience.

Just as an acorn that goes unplanted in the earth can never realize its destiny to become a mighty oak, so it holds with any real spiritual principle that we unearth in our journey through this life: only those Truths developed in us -- by reason of our work to see that they take root in the ground of our soul -- are empowered to grant us the strength, shelter, and sustenance of their eternal Life.

To do those works required of us, to act from what we know is right and true -- even when we don't want to -- is the first step of giving birth to something in ourselves that gradually gives us, effortlessly, everything that we need to be right and true.

Just as we can't toss a pebble into a pond without making small waves that spread out to touch its banks, so is it true that our sincere spiritual effort makes ripples in unseen realities, waves that touch and transform the shores of the soul.

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