The New Understanding that Puts an End to Painful Struggles
The New Understanding that Puts an End to Painful Struggles
  • Posted: September 18, 2020
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Key Lesson

Spiritual freedom will never be realized by avoiding what disturbs us, but rather by the work of consciously illuminating what still dwells in the dark of us... that is (always) so quick to find someone, or something to blame for its pain.


One of the reasons that you live with the pain that you do is because you don't understand that you don't have to. And the only way you're ever going to shake off that pain -- get off "the pain train" - is if you start to get fighting mad about what is making you the kind of human being that you are.

I don't know if you can see it. I hope that you can. As a race of beings, we have become completely complicit in the pain that visits us.

A thought from the past pops up and punishes you. Someone says something you don't like, and you try to punish them and feel the pain of the blame that you place on them. There is an endless series of relationships with a part of our own nature that has convinced us that the pain is produced by a condition outside of us... and it never is.

The conditions outside of us reveal the tendency we have to fall into the familiar pattern of pain and blame.

So, when I say I want you to get fighting mad, I don't mean I want you to get mad at your pain. You're already there, aren't you? We're talking about understanding that unless something comes to the forefront, unless something is awakened in us, we're going to continue to accept the condition as if this pain is just part of our life and we have to learn how to deal with it. I'm going to challenge that, and not because I'm going to be able to prove it, but your own experience will validate that you have indeed been accepting something, without knowing it, that you never had to.

Resistance to our pain makes sense to us because that's all we've ever known to do. That is all we've ever seen in life. Somebody hurts someone you know, and you see them fight back. You see them oppose what opposes them. We're going to learn that resistance is very similar to falling into quicksand. If you've ever seen enough Tarzan movies, you know the last thing you do is struggle in quicksand because the more you struggle, the deeper you go into the sand.

Resistance to the disturbance is the disturbance. It is an axiom in this Work.

What you're going to learn in these talks is that you don't have to struggle the way you've been struggling with your pain and suffering. Do you not struggle every time something comes up and produces a familiar pain? You do not have to struggle. That's what you're going to be able to see. To be able to do it is going to depend upon learning that you were created with authority over your pain.

Never was a human being intended to be saddled by a suffering that is perceived as a condition outside of them. Never! But what we must be able to do is to reverse the roles when the pain comes, because now we know very well what the role of pain is when it comes: it rides us wherever it wants us to go.

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