The Path to Perfection: Learning the Lesson
The Path to Perfection: Learning the Lesson
  • Posted: June 1, 2020
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Key Lesson

Struggling to escape the mind-breaking pain of any past regret is about as useful as hating ourselves for having fallen into a pit of quicksand... Where the more we fight to escape the hold it has over us, the deeper into it we sink.


You may want to think about this for the rest of your life... and I'm not kidding. The need for a lesson to be learned attracts the condition it requires to be fulfilled.

Do you see how benevolent is the Creator (whatever word you want to give to it)? Because look, how many of you think to yourself, "Oh joy, here comes a lightning bolt! Here comes a lesson!" No. When lessons come, most of us play hooky. We abandon the Self.

The need for the lesson to be learned attracts the condition required to fulfill it. Let's see, how can I look at that proactively? Here's a way: "I always believed that the problem I had in my relationships with other people was that they just didn't get how incredible I was." Then one day, after 48 marriages, moving 83 times, being run out of town on a rail, you actually realize, "Wait a minute. All of those things that were happening that I thought were other people's fault really had something to do with me!"

Can you believe it? It's unthinkable! And yet, something in me kept attracting those people, attracting those places, attracting those situations that I thought were the problem. They weren't the problem. They were the path that opened up to the perfection of myself, if I was willing to see where (in me) I was producing these relationships through misunderstanding myself.

So something in this broader universe, in this consciousness that we're not aware of yet, is actually ceaselessly working somehow with the fabric of reality to bring to us as individuals those conditions that are created just for me so that what is not perfected in me gets a chance to meet itself through the experience given to me. How merciful is that?! How benevolent!

But how many of you think to yourself when things go wrong, "How benevolent"? No, you think to yourself, "Something in me has attracted this terrible situation so I need to attract something else!" Yes or no? So, I resist the innate celestial power of attraction that exists to perfect me. I resist it! I throw it away! I throw away the possibility of self-knowledge.

When I reject the moment that has attracted what it does -- for the purpose of a lesson needed to be learned -- I am literally saying to the Divine, "No, you don't know... I do. Here's what I need to be happy." No matter what that reaction is that comes up in you -- that resistance, that surge -- no matter what it is, you must be aware in that moment that part of you is refusing the lesson. It is just summarily saying, "No, I don't want to know that about myself."

Now, what conscious human being would ever say, "Dear God, Dear Divine, Dear Christ, I summarily refuse to learn what you have created the whole universe to bring about in this moment"? I don't know if you get that. I don't know how it happens, but it does. The whole universe has come into existence to produce, in a single moment, that condition so that the part of you that is incomplete can be made whole.

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