The Secret of Owning Your Own Life
The Secret of Owning Your Own Life
  • Posted: January 17, 2003
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Key Lesson

Part I:

One good reason to work at simplifying one's life is that fearlessness is the natural fruit of innocence.

Part II:

Nothing in the universe can interfere with the Will to be Free. This means that for those of us who would know Freedom, our part is not to struggle with what we perceive as our captor, but rather we need only learn to act within that Sovereign Self we would be. For when we assume the Character of Freedom we are possessed with its powers; we win its liberated state, and we are lifted high above the reach of any self-wrecking state.


The clearer it becomes for you that there's a choice available between living with the "me mind" or from the Free Mind, the easier those choices are to make, and the happier you'll be. Choose the Free Mind. Choose in favor of owning your own life.

New and conscious self-command begins with learning to think toward yourself in these new and higher ways. Here are ten ideas with which to start changing your view of you.

  1. Your real life is not a fixed condition, anymore than a river is a concrete road.

  2. In life we're either self-commanding or we are being commanded.

  3. Don't see individuals as powerful; see them as either being at peace with themselves - or under some other power.

  4. Fear of the unfamiliar is the "me mind's" attempt to turn that moment of encountering something brand-new into one it can recognize.

  5. Whenever meeting what may be new to you, dare to look at it with a sense of wonder, and watch how the fears disappear.

  6. Whatever freedom's path requires of you it will also supply you, if you just keep walking.

  7. Reactions don't know anything about relief.

  8. As you increasingly realize that your life contains much more than your present experience of it, this awareness helps create conscious expectation which, in turn, leaves room for something new to appear to you.

  9. Learning all about the mechanical nature of your reactions is the same as knowing what to do about them.

  10. The happy day will come when you know that if you have one problem, you have one too many.

The One Power Greater Than Any Inner Disturbance

The Free Mind wants you to have its power of perfect self-command. You need only know the right way to ask for its silent strength and you'll be the ruler of your own day. Begin asking now with this higher action and watch how strong new results follow.

The next time you feel as though you just have to talk to someone about something that's making you uncomfortable or unhappy, don't do it. You can learn to use that pressure to free yourself from all such feelings that want to push you around. Here's the explanation: finding relief is not the same as finding strength.

That disturbance within you, whatever its reactionary nature, isn't real. It's really nothing that just feels like you. That's why you mustn't do what it urges you to do, or you'll unconsciously lay claim to its weak and self-compromising nature.

From this moment forward, consciously challenge the right of any dark disturbance to direct your life. Stand you inner ground until its demands drain away. Negative states have no real life of their own, so consciously withdrawing your life from theirs is the same as commanding their dark presence to fade. Once the pressure is off, you can then choose to say something (or not) about the conflict that was in question because, at this point, you'll be in command of yourself and the situation instead of being unconsciously commanded by it.

Excerpted From: Freedom From the Ties That Bind, pp. 113-115

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