The Secret That Ends Your Fear of Scary People Once and For All

The Secret That Ends Your Fear of Scary People Once and For All

Is there a scary person in your life? Or a scary situation you dread facing? Where you feel you will lose something valuable . . . Be exposed . . . Feel embarrassed. In this program from Guy Finley, you’ll learn the life-healing facts and practices you need to escape the clutches of fear, especially when it comes to dealing with scary people and events!

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Is there a scary person in your life?

Someone who always criticizes you . . . Makes demands . . . Puts you down . . . Is never pleased no matter what you do.

Or is there a scary situation you dread facing?

Where you feel you will lose something valuable . . . Feel exposed . . . Think you will die of shame or embarrassment . . . Think you can’t get through.

We've all been there. 

Truth be told, most of us find ourselves in scary situations more often than we care to admit!

Probably most of us have experienced a situation with a scary person or event. We’ve probably experienced a lot of them. And they all left a permanent mark on us. 

The fact is, just about everyone is afraid. 

Even more shocking, almost no one understands it.

  • We don’t understand why certain people and situations scare us. 
  • We don’t understand our role in the mess.
  • And we don’t understand how to be free of the yoke of fear.

But our saving grace is that these things can be understood. 

Guy Finley understands them. And for 40 years he has been teaching people about the true nature of fear, how we’ve unknowingly allowed it to limit the way we live, and how we can liberate ourselves from its grasp.

Guy captured the essence of his discoveries about fear – especially when it comes to dealing with scary people and events – in his talk, The Secret That Ends Your Fear of Scary People Once and For All. Here are life-healing facts and practices that anyone can use to escape the clutches of fear.

If you absorb the vital lessons in this talk, you won’t have to be that child trembling before life anymore. You won’t ever have to nervously peer at the face of a scary person, hoping they won’t hurt you. Here is the information you need to be smarter, faster, and more powerful than any fear. 

You will understand the real cause of fear and how you can become free of it, including specific steps to take when any fear raises its ugly head.

Here are the answers to all your questions about fear – including the Way Out!

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