Turn Any Unwanted Event into Unimagined Victory
Turn Any Unwanted Event into Unimagined Victory
  • Posted: August 21, 2017
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Key Lesson

Let every disappointment in life -- the appearance of every dark state -- be as the lighted wick of a lamp to first illuminate, and then to consume the attachment that all such reactions reveal.


Even though most of us have little tolerance for anything that "rocks our boat," the truth is that unwanted moments introduce us to parts of ourselves that would otherwise never get healed were it not for the difficulties that first reveal them and that lead us to release their pain.

The problem is that, when things go "badly," we tend to do battle! Hoping to put right what's perceived as having gone wrong, we work to rebuild our former sense of self by struggling to restore what life has washed away. But each time we resist life in this way, we miss uncovering a new and fearless understanding that is the greatest treasure of all:

The only reason life changes as it does is to reveal the secret goodness underlying those same changes.

Whenever we "collide" with life, parts of us we've never seen before are illuminated. It is the light of new and higher self-awareness that is our real friend in such unwanted moments. It reveals what is concealed within us, releasing us from the psychic bondage of serving what had been secretly limiting us. If we will embrace instead of resist what this inner light reveals about us, it becomes a higher level of awareness that will always help us to see the secret goodness in seemingly "bad" moments. In this way, we discover that behind every bitter disappointment lives the presence of a sweet light whose power can turn any unwanted event into a new kind of victory not yet imagined.

Welcome this light into your life and you will learn to exchange resistance to unwanted moments for being receptive to the lessons they bring with them. Soon you will know, without taking thought, the greatest secret in the universe: All things good come to those for whom the Good is all things.

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