Use the Ground of Discovery to Realize Your Self
Use the Ground of Discovery to Realize Your Self
  • Posted: February 19, 2006
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Key Lesson

Letting our "plans" for life take the place of actually living . . . is like hoping to catch the delicate scent of a rose by flipping through a book on how to successfully grow a flower garden.


If we wish to realize the Real Life that only a life of Truth can provide, we must each agree not only to put Truth first in our lives, but to will this highest of intentions every day with all we can gather within ourselves to do so. There are no shortcuts to reaching this higher ground in us. However, we may be rightly encouraged to know that there is no substitute for the naturally prevailing sense of peace and harmony that attends this inner world, much in the same way as warmth and light surround our great sun.

The encouragement we need to proceed with our quest is all around us... hidden in some ways, and yet present in plain view for those whose inner eyes have begun to open. Take, for instance, what happens to us inwardly, when we round a bend and see before our eyes a pasture of sun-brightened flowers. In this moment, the emerging array of delicate colors slowly fills our senses and we are drawn into its community.

Drawing nearer still in our approach, our consciousness increasingly takes in this pastoral realm, and even as it enters into us, do we enter into it. But consider herein the following truth: We neither create the beauty of this moment nor the consciousness now absorbed within it. The whole of this relationship already exists or else it could not have become part of our experience. This beautiful idea reveals the truth of how our exterior world of experience provides for us a special kind of mirror in which it is not only possible to see ourselves, but to enter consciously into these deep, undetected realms of our True Self.

It is impossible to enter into something that doesn't have prior existence, just as nothing that exists could enter into us unless its existence were already a part of our consciousness. Now, with this truth in your mind, substitute the idea of the field of flowers that we approach for the principle of higher understanding, of Truth. What do you see? What have we discovered here?

It is not we who grow in understanding, in the Light, any more than that field of flowers grows as we approach it from around a bend. The field was already present, with all its forms and colors, only awaiting a fortunate discoverer. This exact same principle holds true for the presence of higher understanding and those truths by which we approach it. This Wisdom is already flowered and awaits only a special wanderer to enter its private domain. This interior Ground of all that may be discovered belongs to anyone and everyone who will do the work needed to realize it. No one owns this Ground, yet we may each possess as much of it as we are willing to exchange our lives for. Everyone has the same right to the deep riches of these eternal essences. And any spiritual seeds planted within them grow equally for whosoever will stoop to plant them.

The great Sun above this Ground never stops shining, so that there is Light enough everywhere in all times for all its creations to develop and grow. These things I tell you are intended to convey this one truth: The true spiritual life cannot be separated from the ground of discovery out of which it springs, and through which it lives. For us, for now, they are one thing. And this finding brings us face to face with one inescapable fact: This ground of discovery, the Ground of God's Life, remains little more than earthly dirt for us unless we dive into it and are willing to get our hands dirty. Only then are we made clean. The confusions and doubts inherent in merely speculating about the spiritual life are washed away by our honest spiritual sweat.

But there is more to this metaphor. To succeed spiritually, to discover the new man or woman waiting within us, requires going beyond being the thought-based, self-conceived creatures we are at present. We must work on ourselves. Only honest self-work heals the unconscious divisions within us and between us.

Imagine two people working the earth. Side by side they till the ground beneath them. Both know the quality of the soil, its weeds and rocks, and the heat of the overhead sun as it bears down upon them. There is no argument between them about the nature of the ground they cultivate.

Neither person at work finds it necessary to have or hold some belief about the earth beneath their feet -- or about what it can, or can't, do for them. Why? Because they stand upon it. They are in it. They can taste it in the very air they breathe. Each person shares the work and receives the rewards of his or her efforts.

One way that we can start working upon the ground of discovery is to stop speculating about the nature of Truth. We can dare to see that our beliefs about what is assumed true are worse than worthless if, because of them, we have found a way to justify self-righteousness, indolence, cruelty, or any other self-isolating, negative state of mind.

The merely mental person has no idea that his endless confusion can never be resolved by the equally endless questions he formulates to escape it... that these same questions are merely secret extensions of the very states from which he suffers. Where then is the answer to be found? We must know the truth of ourselves, for in this Truth are all other truths hidden. "But how?" you might ask.

There is only one real answer to this question. Be real. Live what you are now -- in this moment and in every other moment. Watch life within you without resistance to what you see. To be real is to realize the reality of our selves, whatever that may be in the moment.

And again you might ask, "But how?"

Each time life finds you without a clue, stop supplying yourself with answers you think you know. Instead, stand upon the ground of that moment. Dig there! Enter into the ground of discovery now at your feet. Consciously work these virgin soils and watch how new life begins to root and grow.

As we grow to understand that the ground of discovery, along with its hard work and priceless reward, is always right beneath our feet wherever we are, whatever we may be doing, we realize that there is never a moment wherein we can't be cultivating our relationship with Truth.

Add to this truth the fact that the only real change that can occur in the conditions we call our life must begin with a change in our consciousness, and there is only one course of action remaining. We must agree to enter into the ground of discovery, embrace our findings there, and go to work on what we uncover! If we will do our part, the Truth will take care of the rest. What grows from our efforts will never falter or fail us.

Excerpted From: Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living, pages 238-242.

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