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Notes from grateful readers.

“Thank you so much for your hard work in getting all this information out to the public. My first book from you was The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, I have been studying self help for quite some time and that book along with some of your other materials have really help me move to the next level of self awareness...what a blessing to have found it.”

— Marjorie F., Stouffville, Ontario - Canada

“I purchased and listened to The Majestic Life recently and I can't say enough about it. To me, along with his book The Secret of Letting Go, it is a true masterwork.”

— Robert B.

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Once again Guy Finley brings his message to us warmly and lovingly; best of all it's a message of hope that anyone can grasp, filled with valuable insights and guidance in these confusing times.”

— Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston

“I had the pleasure of being able to meet Guy Finley at a recent conference in Irvine, CA. His speech entitled, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: Find the Power to Never Feel Powerless Again, was fantastic. I have been to literally 100's of seminars, workshops and retreats over the last 35 years and this hour long speech was among the best that I have heard.”

— Greg Voisen, Founder,

Attend Guy Finley's Relationship Magic Series on How to Improve Relationships of Every Kind

It's Finally Here! Guy Finley's 3-Week Live Streaming Course on Love & Relationships

Relationship Magic!

4 Live Sessions on March 6, 13, 20 & 24

Attend In Person or Via Live Streaming

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In this live course Guy shares the crucial understanding you need to build beautiful, enduring relationships in all areas of your life. Just wait until you see what Guy plans to cover! (See below!)

Great news! We've been asking for it for years... and now it's finally going to happen...

Guy Finley is going to present his most powerful insights on Love and Relationships — all in one place, in an all-inclusive course!

It's all part of a special 3-week series entitled, Relationship Magic, which kicks off Sunday, March 6th, and culminates in an interactive, Question-and-Answer Webinar with Guy on Thursday March 24th.

Now that it's finally here, we couldn't be more excited! But let me issue one word of caution...

Love & Relationship Wisdom That Goes Far Beyond the Ordinary

This will not be your run-of-the-mill love and relationships workshop.

Far from it.

In fact, if you've grown accustomed to the old, familiar relationship platitudes, then I can assure you: this relationship series is *not* for you.

Because in this 3-week, full-immersion course, Guy plans to go far beyond common, everyday wisdom about love and relationships. Instead of positive affirmations and flimsy techniques, Guy plans to give you a profound set of principles which — once understood and embodied — will help you directly address the very source of all your relationship issues, so that EVERY relationship you have is magically transformed as a result.

That's the great promise inherent in the wisdom Guy teaches: These ideas don't just work "some of the time"; no, they are the very foundation that ALL successful relationships are built upon.

Here's Everything You'll Learn in Guy Finley's Relationship Magic Course

Just look at what Guy plans to cover in this 3-week relationship course:

  1. The Essential Elements of a Happy, Healthy, and Enduring Relationship
  2. What a Man Really Wants from a Woman
  3. What a Woman Really Wants from a Man
  4. The Secrets that Ensure Your Relationship Remains Fresh, Stimulating, and Free
  5. How to Live Beyond the Reach of Heartache and Loneliness
  6. The One Great Mistake that Steals Your Chance for Meaningful Connection
  7. How to Heal Past Hurts and Transform Unconscious Patterns
  8. Sure Signs That Tell You It's Time to Say Goodbye
  9. Infidelity and Forgiveness: How to Recover When the Trust Has Been Broken
  10. How to Protect Your Relationship from the 3 Most Destructive Relationship Patterns
  11. The Right Way to Respond to Being Wrongfully Accused
  12. Building Trust: Using the Right Tool, At the Right Time
  13. What You Can Do to Eliminate Resentment in Your Relationship
  14. Deep Love: How To Become One With the One You Love
  15. Mystery and Delight: When Two Loves Merge Into One
  16. The Most Powerful Way to Encourage Real Change in Your Relationship
  17. A Place Just For You: Why It's Important to Have Your Own Space
  18. The Beauty and Grace that Come from Staying One Step Ahead of Any Negative Reaction
  19. How to Keep Your Relationship Safe from Harmful Dependency
  20. Plus Guy's Answers to Your Individual Relationship Questions
  21. Plus Much, Much More!

Up until now you've probably struggled to apply spiritual understanding in your relationships. Don't worry; it's like that for everyone.

Fortunately this relationship course not only helps you uncover the missing puzzle pieces, but it also shows you how to fit them together.

By the end of the course you'll have gained a comprehensive, spiritual understanding of relationships — the same understanding that has rescued countless men and women from the throes of loneliness and heartache, anger and jealousy, bitterness and despondency.

And the result?

A clear path back to pleasant, cheerful, affectionate relationships — relationships that are free of drama, yet overflowing with meaningful connection.

Plus! Personalized Help from Guy! Your Love & Relationship Course Includes a LIVE Q-and-A Webinar with Guy Finley!

Guy Finley's Relationship Magic course concludes with a LIVE, 2-1/2 hour, Questions-and-Answers Webinar moderated by Guy himself.

This is your opportunity to ask Guy virtually any question at all about your relationship:

  • Get clarification and deeper insight into the subtler points covered throughout the course.
  • Ask Guy for help in understanding and dealing with your current relationship situation.
  • Listen along as Guy answers tough questions from other men and women who are struggling in their own relationships.
  • Discover key insights, practical tools, and the critical Do's and Don'ts for building positive, long-lasting relationships.

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Event Schedule

The LIVE events kick-off on Sunday, March 6th, and continue for 3 consecutive Sundays at 9:30 AM Pacific Time — March 6th, March 13th, and March 20th.

Then on Thursday, March 24th at 5:30 PM Pacific, it's time for Questions and Answers. That's when Guy will moderate a LIVE Question-and-Answer Webinar to address any questions that came up for you during the previous sessions.

Here's the entire schedule at a glance (all times shown are U.S. Pacific Time):

  • Sunday March 6th @ 9:30am PT
    LIVE 1-Hour Talk by Guy
  • Sunday March 13th @ 9:30am PT
    LIVE 1-Hour Talk by Guy
  • Sunday March 20th @ 9:30am PT
    LIVE 1-Hour Talk by Guy
  • Thursday March 24th @ 5:30pm PT
    LIVE 2-Hour Q-and-A Webinar with Guy

The Live Streaming Package Includes Unlimited Replays, Complimentary MP3 Audio Files, and Permanent Access to the Entire Video Archive!

Don't worry if you miss one or more of the live events: if you purchase the live-streaming package you'll receive all of the following:

  • Instant replay of each live-streamed session so you can catch up on any of the meetings that may conflict with your schedule.
  • Permanent access to all of the archived videos so you can replay them online or download the MP4 video files to play on your computer or mobile device, at your convenience.
  • Complimentary set of downloadable MP3 audio files to listen to in your car, on your iPod, on your phone, wherever and whenever you want.

You can even skip the live events entirely, and still take advantage of the complete audio and video archive. So no matter what happens, you're covered.

Here's everything you'll receive with the full live streaming package:

  • Three 1-Hour Relationship Talks by Guy
  • One 2-Hour Relationship Q-and-A Webinar with Guy
  • A Full, Complimentary Set of Downloadable MP3 Audio Files
  • Unlimited Instant Replays
  • Permanent Access to the Entire Video Archive
  • Two additional bonus items (see details below)!

Plus, you're fully covered by our expanded, all-inclusive, 30-day, no-questions guarantee. What do we mean by expanded? Your 30-days don't even begin counting down until *after the final session!*

Use this link just below to make your reservation right now for what is likely to be the most highly-anticipated event in the Foundation's history!

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Special Bonus Offer

Order the Live Streaming Package Today and You'll Receive Two Additional Love & Relationship Resources... Completely FREE!

Even though Guy Finley's Relationship Magic course is still several weeks away, that doesn't mean you have to wait to get started.

If you register for the Live Streaming Package through our special, introductory offer we'll include two additional bonus items by Guy Finley, absolutely FREE. Both items are immediately downloadable, which means you can begin building your new relationship understanding TODAY... minutes from now!

Bonus Item #1: The Living Keys to Unconditional Love (1-Hour MP3 Audio Program)

This is one of those beautiful talks that leaves you silent, mesmerized, and yet, overwhelmingly grateful. In fact, Guy Finley even said it himself: If you listen to this talk intently, it will have far-reaching implications in your life.

  • Learn What You Must Do to Let Authentic, Unconditional Love Blossom in Your Relationship.
  • Understand the Ultimate Purpose Behind All Your Relationships, Including How to Use Them for the Greatest Possible Good.
  • Learn the Little-Known Secret to Dissolving Hatred, Denial, and Fear in Your Relationship.
  • Discover the Breathtaking Purpose Behind All Unwanted Moments, No Matter How Dark They May Appear on the Surface.

Bonus Item #2: 50 Ways to Let More Love Into Your Life (30-Page eBook)

Can you remember a time when you were deeply in love? A time when you were infused by that intoxicating, overwhelming, all-encompassing Love? Is there anything in the world that can compare to that extraordinary feeling?

Why is it that Love can transform everything about our lives? It's simple, really: Love is literally the most powerful force in the universe.

In this 30-page e-pocketbook, Guy gives 50 ways we can invite this powerful, authentic Love into each and every moment of our lives, making our relationships flourish like never before.

Attend the Entire Course via Live Streaming Completely at Our Risk

Then Take an Additional 30 Days From That Point to Decide

By registering today for Guy Finley's Relationship Magic live streaming course, you are under no obligation, and you assume no risk whatsoever.

The ideas you learn in this course must prove themselves valuable and worthwhile to you personally, or the course costs you nothing.

Join us for the entire course. Then take up to 30 additional days to decide.

If, by that time, these relationship secrets haven't proved themselves to be among the most important you've ever come across, simply call or email Guy Finley's non-profit Foundation to request an immediate refund.

It's as simple as that.

Don't Miss Guy Finley's Most Anticipated Event of the Year!

There's no question that we've all picked up some important relationship pointers along the way.

But by this point in our lives we've also learned that a handful of pointers isn't enough to carve out that beautiful relationship we all long to know.

It takes more.

It takes an all-encompassing understanding. It takes a deeper, spiritual understanding.

Guy Finley's Relationship Magic course — whether you attend in person at Life of Learning Foundation or via live streaming — promises to give you exactly that.

So whatever you do, please don't let this unique opportunity pass you by.

Visit our Visitor's Guide for directions to the Foundation, or use the Order Button below to get yourself signed up for the Live Streaming Package! You'll be so glad you did.

Event Details & Ordering

What: Live 3-Part Course Plus Webinar with Guy Finley on "Relationship Magic"
When: March 6th, 13th, 20th, and 24th
(view complete event schedule)
Cost: Attend In Person at Life of Learning Foundation in Merlin, Oregon
$5 per class at the door when attending in person (no registration required)
  Attend Online Via Live Streaming
$29.95 for the entire package

Register for the Live Streaming Package
  • Three 1-Hour Relationship Talks by Guy
  • One 2-Hour Relationship Q&A Webinar
  • Unlimited Instant Video Replays
  • Permanent Access to the Video Archive
  • Full Set of Downloadable MP3 Audio Files

Questions? Please Contact Us for more information about this course, or for technical support.