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Notes from grateful readers.

“I have read The Lost Secrets of Prayer twice and an now reading The Essential Laws of Fearless Living. Wonderful ideas that are clearly expressed. Thank you for the spiritual guidance I need right now.

May you be blessed and prospered. Looking forward to growing in self-awareness!”

— Gina S.

“I came across Guy's audio downloads about a year ago. Loaded some onto my MP3 player and listen regularly to them whilst having morning tea at work sitting out in the sun. They really do work on the negative and stressful thoughts bought on by daily life and work. Love them.”

— Anthony

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley has the ability to illuminate with insight the mind's darkest corner. If it does not brighten with the first reading, read it again, let it sit and know the light will come.”

— Wendy Garrett, radio host, author of Talking to Nightlights

“What a great little book! This little compendium of wisdom is a profoundly elegant reminder of who we truly are.”

— Justine Willis Toms, co-founder, managing producer, New Dimensions Radio

Attend Guy Finley's Talks in the Pines Workshop Retreat to Learn Authentic Secrets of Spiritual Enlightenment

19th Annual Talks in the Pines
Seminar Workshop WITH GUY FINLEY

June 20-24 (5-day event) | June 22-24 (3-day event)

Quieting the Mind — Freeing the Heart: Advanced Spiritual Practices for Deepening Your Relationship with the Divine

Here's what you'll discover in this year's all-new summer solstice workshop with bestselling author Guy Finley:

  • Why Your Life Keeps Repeating Itself (and How To Be Released From Painful Patterns)
  • The Inside Story On Bridging Heaven and Earth Within You
  • The Crucial Understanding That's Missing From Your Inner Work
  • How to Win the War That's Being Waged Within You
  • Why Real Change Has Eluded You
  • How to Develop True Spiritual Discipline

Special Note: This year's Talks in the Pines is not for the faint of heart . . . if you're looking for a vacation, this event is NOT for you!

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Special pricing is available for GuyFinleyNow members, seniors, military, and students. See details below.

Don't hold back from treating yourself to an experience that can transform your life.

Nothing increases your potential to become new, down to your very core, like prolonged contact with a genuine source of truth. And that's exactly what our annual Talks in the Pines Workshop is designed to provide.

At Life of Learning's beautiful home in scenic southern Oregon, you get to spend dedicated time with your fellow seekers as you experience Guy Finley's impassioned talks, share your discoveries with one another, meditate, and more.

It's a full-on immersion into the process of self-discovery like none other.

Take a vital step towards realizing true Love and Success in your life. Accept this special invitation to spend five life-changing days at Guy Finley's annual Talks in the Pines Workshop Retreat seminar held at Life of Learning Foundation in Merlin, Oregon.

From June 20-24, the event will feature a series of eight talks, meditations, workshops, banquet, and Q&A sessions led by bestselling author and self-realization teacher Guy Finley.

If your schedule won't permit five days, you can also come for three days and six meetings from June 22-24.

Plus we also have a live-streaming package available!

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Event Schedule

All New Schedule! Click Here to See the Full Itinerary...

More than just an opportunity to travel through and explore new worlds of higher consciousness, you'll discover genuine ways to change your actual level of being. Guy won't just talk about abstract ideas relating to letting go — he will show you how to work intensely during the workshop to turn inspiring knowledge into purposeful actions that can transform your life inside and out.

In the times between the talks and meditation sessions, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Foundation grounds filled with giant sugar pine, Douglas fir, meadows, ponds, and meditative sitting areas. During the free time on Saturday and Sunday afternoons you'll also have the chance to visit nearby hiking trails and state parks in the beautiful Rogue River Wilderness and surrounding Cascade and Siskiyou mountains.

And, one of the most valuable benefits of the event is participating in an atmosphere of authentic friendship as men and women from around the world work toward the common aim of self-transformation.

Now is the Time to Take
the Next Step Higher!

There is nothing more important -- or fulfilling -- than awakening to our potential to experience the Divine and feel the touch of Its Love upon our life. For as we strive towards inner excellence, not only do we rise above all that has held us back, but we serve to uplift the hearts and minds of friends and family around us who see us becoming free.

So, don't miss this opportunity to spend several days up close and in-person with one of the world's leading voices in the field of self-realization. Take a moment now to reserve your spot at the brightest and most encouraging event of the year -- Talks in the Pines!

Space is limited, so call or make your reservation today to ensure your place at this year's event. Use the order form below or call (541) 476-1200 for more information.

Event Details & Ordering

What: 2018 Talks in the Pines
5-day or 3-day Inner-Life Retreat with Best-Selling Author and Self-Realization Teacher Guy Finley
When: June 20-24 or June 22-24, 2018
(view complete event schedule)
Where: Life of Learning Foundation
Merlin, Oregon
Travel: Click here for airport and hotel information.
Who: Anyone who wants a higher, freer, and more wonder-filled life.
Cost: $299 for all 5 days or $239 for abbreviated 3-day event (accommodations not included) -OR- $159 for the Live Streaming Package
Discounts: GuyFinleyNow Wisdom School Members: Use a special coupon to receive 20% off. Seniors, Military, and Students: Ask about our scholarships. Contact Us to Learn More
BONUS! New This Year: All attendees will receive access to the downloadable event package containing all of the video and audio recordings after the workshop!

To Order Please Select Options Below:
Choose Event: 3-day event - $239 each*
5-day event - $299 each*
Live Streaming Package - $159
Names of
Please use the 'Comments' form when checking out to tell us the name of each attendee and the name we should print on his or her name badge.
To reserve your place by phone please call
(541) 476-1200.
*Please note: Cancellations of reservations after June 1st are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.
Photos from Guy Finley's Talks in the Pines Workshop Retreat