Walk Away From What Hurts You
Walk Away From What Hurts You
  • Posted: March 3, 2014
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Key Lesson

What is any form of rushing other than one side of the divided mind racing to close the gap between itself and whatever it has imagined it must have in order to complete its equally imagined state of being incomplete.


Just as a child's runaway imagination creates menacing shapes out of shadows on the wall, it is the mind asleep to itself that makes monsters appear where there are none. We feel fear when our mind sees something that threatens us in some way. But what the mind that feels this doesn't recognize, but that we must see if we're to be free, is that it's looking at a negative image of its own making! This level of mind, divided and asleep to its own creations -- then tells us what we must do to protect ourselves from its projection!

To give you a picture of how this plays out in a mind still asleep to itself, imagine a team of bogus bug exterminators, one of whom shoves termites under your back door, while the other knocks at the front door to sell you a service you suddenly need!

How does this knowledge empower us to walk away from what's been hurting us? The next time some fear tries to drag you down into its world of worry -- first showing you all that's dark and wrong, then telling you how to make things right and bright again -- choose in favor of this action instead.

At the onset of any frightening situation -- whether in the form of an actual event, or because of some worried thought that appears -- remember that no such fear exists outside of the dream that makes it seem real. Then simply come as awake to yourself as you can, and see what you're giving yourself to look at in that moment. This new and higher self-awareness reveals the unthinkable: Your own mind is scaring itself. As you see that the feel is real, but the "why" is a lie, you're done with both sides of the deception, and the dark state drops away by itself. This kind of clarity gives birth to a whole new kind of spiritual courage, for now you know that you don't have to free yourself from anything other than a misunderstanding about who you really are. And, by this same light, a promise dawns you couldn't have seen in any other way. You're already free; you simply have not yet seen the truth of it.

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